the wait

jessica and her best friend julia have been waiting to move to london ever since freshmen year in high school. But when they get there they find out that they have no where to stay! will they be saved by there two idols or will they be homeless in london??


14. Where am I??

Julia POV:

I woke up and it looked like I was on a bed. I sat up and saw two sets of eyes on me. I thought they were Niall and Harry but I was wrong. Tyler and Daniel were sitting right infrint of me just starring. " you know its rude to stare dumb ass." I said this and I felt proud but then he smacked me in the face and said " I wasn't gonna punish you but now I am." he started undressing and thats when I realized I was in my bra and underwear. They must have stripped me in my sleep. Bastards. Tyler came over to me and flipped me over then I screamed out for Niall but I didn't even know if he was with me. I kept screaming " NIALL NIALL HELP ME PLEASE!!" but he didn't come to save me. That's when the unexpected happened.

Nails POV:

From where we were I figured we were in a abandone house. That's when I remembered I still haven't seen Julia anywhere. I started to panick while Harry was doing CPR on Jessica. That's when I heard her. I heard her screaming my name and I ran towards her voice. I need up at a very well decorated door, I thought I heard her voice but she wasn't here then I heard her scream again as instinct took over. I bust through the door to see her crying on the bed while Tyler put his grubby hands all over her. This made me mad so I ran over and punched him and Daniel they blacked out so I helpe Julia into her clothes and kissed her over and over and told her that I loved her.

Julia's POV:

He came for me! He saved me from these nasty people I cryed from happiness then he carried me bac to Harry and Jess a because my ankle was broken from Daniel. As we walked in I saw Harry doing CPR on Jessica and I couldn't believ what those bastards had done. She was awk ewhen they took me into the room. I wounded what happened. That's when I realized that there was a phone in this room. I ran over to the blankets left on the floor and lifted them to find the cell phone. I quickly dialed 911 and told them were we we're and to hurry up. They said they sent officers and to hold on. I hung up and started crying into nialls shoulder. That's when Daniel came in with a gun and shot me in the stomach. Before Niall could do anything Daniel shot himself as fell to the floor. I was laying there in so much pain I couldn't bare it I wanted to let go but I couldn't leave Niall he was my everything I had to try for him.

Nialls POV:

She sat there coughing up blood. I'm glad that bastard killed himself or I would har done it. Where are the police officers they should have been here already. Right after that they ran in and. Alled for back up. The parimedics ran in with two derbies and took Julia and Jessica away. They told us what hospital to go to and then me and Harry ran back throught the woods and ran to the hospital. When we got there they wee going into surgury so we had to wait in the waiting area for the next five hours before we could see them. I just hoped they were ok. They are our worlds and mean everything to us
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