the wait

jessica and her best friend julia have been waiting to move to london ever since freshmen year in high school. But when they get there they find out that they have no where to stay! will they be saved by there two idols or will they be homeless in london??


4. Just a little get together

Harry's POV:

I texted Jessica to see if she wanted to hang out today but she said she can't. That just made me so sad I haven't been able to stop thinking about her. Her hair, her eyes, her laugh, her smile, her everything. She will always be on my mind. I was interrupted by Niall yelling to me from upstairs. " HARRY!" " what Niall?" " do you wanna go out to eat lunch now because I'm really in the mood to go to a resteraunt." " sure Niall we will head out in 10 minutes just let's both get ready."

Nialls POV:

It worked! He actually fell for it. See Julia texted me today and said that Jessica really wanted to see Harry again because after we left his flat she jus hasn't been happy so Julia wanted to cheer her up. I texted Julia an told her that Harry has been the same way! So we decided to take them to the same resteraunt an make it a surprise but it was like a formal thing so we had to get dressed up. Oh well I will do whatever I have to, to see Harry smile the way he does when he sees Jessica. She really does make him happy I am so glad that Harry finally found someone to stick to. I was interrupted by my phone buzzing me. I or a text form Julia saying " hey Niall, I'm gonna invite my friends over can you maybe bring Zayn, Liam, Josh, Louis ,Harry and yourself?" I reputed to her with a smile on my face " sure thing, anything for my princess." I texted all the guys and told them that we were going somewhere fact so wher a nice suit and meet me at my flat in 10 minutes.

Arias POV:

Julia just sent out a group message to me, jennacy, sky, and savannah telling us to dress nicely and meet her at her and Jessica's flat for a girls night out. I was so excited to see Julia and Jess again. I shot up and went to get ready. Ahh what to wear I'm so confused.

Skylars POV:

I just got a group message from Julia telling us we were going out so I got ready and started going over to the girls flat. When I walked in I saw aria in a beautiful pink flowy dress Jessica had a blue dress that showed off her curves in an amazing way and Julia whore a golden dress that made her eyes pop. They were all starring at me with there mouths in a "o" shape. I looked in the mirror and saw why. This dress made me look sexy!! I am so glad I bought it, it was black and had one sleeve with a bow on the back. We all wired for savannah to come over.

Savannahs POV:

I was running late, like always but as soon as I walked into the flat they all stopped and starred. I decided to wear a red dress that came mid thigh and was not to puffy but perfect for this occasion. When they said there hellos we got ready to leave but I said " where is jennacy?" " oh she said she is going I meet us at the place." Julia spoke up and said. So after that we were off.

Jennacys POV:

I was going to meet the girls at the resteraunt so I got more time to pick out my dress because I wanted to be fashionably late like always. I put on a white strapless dress and walked it the door. I got in my car and started heading to the resteraunt when I forgot my wallet. I ran inside and grabbed my wallet and now I was headed to the resteraunt.

Liam's POV:

I couldn't stop thinkig about aria she was just so beautiful and I had to see her again I could tell the others felt the same way. Well except for josh and Louis but they seemed happy to be hangin out with the boys again. We where all ready and got in the van and made our way to the resteraunt. When we arrived I saw her. I saw aria in a beautiful pink dress and then she tribes aroun and couldn't stop smilling. She ran over and jumped in my arms and gave me a kiss.

Jessica's POV:

I noticed aria run up to someone so I reined around and saw 6 handsome lads standing there running up to us. All of the boys ran to there girlfriends except for lou and josh. I saw jennacy and savvanah standing there awkwardly so I slide out of Harry's arms and went over to them. " josh this is jennacy, jennacy this is josh. Louis this is savannah, savannah this is louis." they couldn't stop staring at each other so I left them and ran back to Harry.

Nialls POV:

Julia looked so beautiful in her golden dress, I'm so happy we made this a surprise or else I would've had to listen to the boys getting all excited.

Josh's POV:

Jennacy was.. Amazing. She left me speechless I knew right then I wanted to make her mine. She looked wonderful in her silver dress. It fit her perfectly and wow I felt so warm and fuzzy inside. I couldn't describe it.

Louis POV:

We meet up with the boys and there was this girl there, savannah was her name. She was beautiful I wanted to pick hr up and kiss her right then but I have to get to know her first so I decided to say something " So savannah wanna get out of here an go for a walk in the park." she blushed and said "sure I guess let me just tell the girls."
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