the wait

jessica and her best friend julia have been waiting to move to london ever since freshmen year in high school. But when they get there they find out that they have no where to stay! will they be saved by there two idols or will they be homeless in london??


22. Honeymoon

Jessicas POV:

Today Harry, Niall, and Julia packed our bags and headed out to the car. Harry was driving as me an Julia sat. The bag and talked about were we thought they were taking us. When we pulled to a stop we looked out the window and we were at an airport. " We are here ladies, ready for some fans to run up to us?" they must have seen our smiles fade evade Niall said " don't worry they won't see us we are going straight to our private plane." we smiled and got out the car grabbed our bags an got on the plane. In three hours we are going to find out where they are taking us for our honey moon.
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