the wait

jessica and her best friend julia have been waiting to move to london ever since freshmen year in high school. But when they get there they find out that they have no where to stay! will they be saved by there two idols or will they be homeless in london??


20. Happiness

Julias POV:

In the morning I remembered Jessica telling us she was getting married. I was truly happy for her but it just reminded me the me and Niall still haven't gotten married. I was havin his baby and I jut wanted to get married first before I had my baby. I got up and went to the kitchen to get some food. When I came back into the living room tere was a sign on the wall saying meet me out back. I finished my apple and started walking out back when I got to the patio I saw Niall in a tux standing with flowers in his hand. " Niall what are you doing its 9 o'clock in the morning ?" he came up to me, kissed my forehead and then did the. Unexpectible, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! " yes yes yes yes a million times yes Niall I love you so much." he picked me up and told me to get dressed. He was gonna take me out to lunch ad them a walk in the park. I had the best da with Niall and I couldn't wait for our wedding. Omg Jessica and I could have a double wedding!! This is gonna be amazing.
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