the wait

jessica and her best friend julia have been waiting to move to london ever since freshmen year in high school. But when they get there they find out that they have no where to stay! will they be saved by there two idols or will they be homeless in london??


32. Don't ever change

Julia's POV:

I finally got the boat to start. I am so glad Jessica taught me how to hot wire cars and boats. The crazy things we do. Liam sat in the drivers seat and aria sat Behind him and we drove off in the direction they went. With our luck they probably wont be any where close. I wonder why Jessica did this... I wonder if her and Harry are together. I hope she is okay. Right in the middle of my thoughts Liam starts yelling an thats when I see Jessica and Harry

Excitement runs throughy body and we pull up next to them and Jessica gets on and runs down into the cabin. She comes out with a pair of swim trunks and I started laughing. "It wasn't funny she pulled my pants AND boxers down and swam away I couldn't catch up so I just left them." Harry try's to hide the laughter. "I'm just glad your all okay." says Liam and I started to yell at Jessica but she cut me off with a hug and said "Nice to see you to love." and taps my nose. She starts driving us back to shore and when we get there we all get off the boat and head home.

We decide to have a campfire so we all got changed. I wore black shorts and a sweatshirt and Niall wore some pants and a polo. Aria wore her thing one outfit with Liam. They were so cute. Harry came down in just his sweats and then Jessica came down with her boyfriend style sweat pants on and a lose tank top. " You know it wouldn't kill you to try and be just a tad but girly." I said and she gave me a dirty look and sat on Harry and kissed him. We all talked and laughed and eventually Niall and I went up to our rooms to sleep

Aria and Liam did the same leaving Harry and Jessica alone.

Harry's POV:

'Jessica ?'
'Yeah babe'
'Don't ever change'
She looks at me confused
'what do you mean?'
'Dont ever be...girly I like how you wear your clothes it's cute'
She smiled and kissed my nose
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