the wait

jessica and her best friend julia have been waiting to move to london ever since freshmen year in high school. But when they get there they find out that they have no where to stay! will they be saved by there two idols or will they be homeless in london??


2. College application

Jessica's POV:

Julia just came up to me and told me that everyone ended up together and that made me very happy for everyone. This was probably the best day of our lives, I am so happy Julia and I moved to London. After we went to the park Julia and I went to Harry and nialls flat. Aria went with Liam, zayn, and sky to Liam's flat. So me, Niall, Julia, and Harry all got inside Harry's car. I sat in front while Harry drove and Niall an Julia sat in the back cuddling together. I looked at harry and said "I am so happy for Julia she hasnt looked this happy ever since her last boyfriend who was a complete dousche and- nevermind I don't wanna talk about it." Harry looked at me confused and I just looked at him with a look saying " its not my place to say." Harry drove for about ten more minutes and we finally arrived at his flat.

I turned around to tell Julia and Niall that we were here, but when I turned around she fell asleep o his shoulder and he was snoring. By the time I turned around Harry was walking around the car and opened my door. "Why thank you mr. Styles." "Your welcome babe." we got out and he went to ope Nialls door but I told him that they were sleeping and not to wake them. So Julia and Niall slept in the car and Harry and I slept inside. I was pretty sure Julia would wake up anytime soon. She doesn't like not sleeping in a bed so I just got there bed ready for them to come in and crash on. Web I walked back downstairs I couldn't find Harry anywhere but there was one of his shirts sitting on the couch so I decided to go put it on. When I walked out into the living room I saw Harry sitting there on his laptop. I walked over and sat down and Harry turned to me and said " Well don't you look hot in tha shirt!" I couldn't help but blush and say " thanks but I look a hot mes-" he cut me off with a kiss an it was a very passionate kiss so it lasted a while. When I pulled away I smiled and said " Why'd you do that?" " you are a beautiful girl wether you loo a "hot mess" or no you will always be my cupcake."

I love this boy to death. He is just so amazing after he said that I blushed and he kiss my cheek and went back to his laptop. He was on twitter, figures... He was always on twitter it was like he would die without it. "hey harry can I get on my email." " Yeah sure babe." I of on and couldn't believe it. I shrieked and Harry look at me scared but I opened the email and pointed to it

It was my college application! I go excepted
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