the wait

jessica and her best friend julia have been waiting to move to london ever since freshmen year in high school. But when they get there they find out that they have no where to stay! will they be saved by there two idols or will they be homeless in london??


8. Afterwards

Nialls POV:

"Julia that was amazing I love you and I would never want to rush you, I will only do that with you when you want to." " Niall I love you and I am so glad we did this I truly love you happy year anniversary!"

Harry's POV:

Wow that was amazing, she was amazing. " Jessica we should do this way more often your amazing at it." she sighed and looked down at the floor and I saw that something was wrong I didn't like seeing her like that. " Harry can I ask you a question?" " yes babe what is it?" " never mind." she grabbed her stuff and got dressed then ran out before I could say anything else.

Jessica's POV:

I want to ask him but I just can't do it. It will kill me and everyone around me it will hurt to many people and I don't wanna see my friends let alone my best friend to get hurt. I ran outside grabbing my phone running past Julia and Niall while Harry ran after me. "JESSICA wait up !" Harry tryed stopping me but I ran across the street into the park. I knew he would catch up sometime because he knows this is we're I go when I'm upset. I heard footsteps behind me and I didn't turn to look because I thought it would be either Harry Niall or Julia. That's when everything went black.
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