One Direction-After I fall

Eighteen year old Madison Cooper had a recent break up with her boyfriend Spencer. Her heart was shattered. After being in a car accident, she meets One Direction. What will she do when more than one of the boys fall lor her? Will she tell them about her break-up with Spencer? Will they help her get over him? Read to find out. (May have some bad spelling or grammar or punctuation but that's why I'm writing this)


7. HELP!!

Mystery POV

"I'm hungry," Niall groaned.

"The kitchen is down the hall and to your right," Bri said.

"I'd go with him if I were you," I said. "You might not have any food left if he goes alone.

Madison went with Niall. I burned with jelousy.


Madison's POV

I went in the kitchen with Niall. He started rummaging through cupboards and the fridge. He took out tons of food. He then started going through the food on the counter and put some back while stuffing his face with more food.

Niall looked up for a second and spotted Bri's iPod. He ran over to the counter and picked it up. He unlocked it. Bri never set passcodes because she always thought that she would forget them.

"This isn't yours, is it?" Niall asked.

"What was your first clue?" I asked.

"It's full of One Direction stuff: photos, music, and videos," he said.

"You got me, It's Bri's," I said. "Now put it away."

"Okay," he answered.

I heard a knock at the door. I opened it to find Spencer standing there.

"Forgive me. Please Maddie," he said.

Spencer looked as though he had been miserable for days. His eyes were red, puffy, and blood-shot.

"I can't, Spencer. After being together for a year, I realized that I can't trust you. This thing we had should have never happened," I said. I could feel myself tearing up. I tried to close the door on him but he wedged his foot in.

"Don't say that, Maddie," he started. Now he was tearing up. "Being with you made me feel special. Being with you made me feel like I finally had someone to tell everything to-"

"Well you didn't tell me that you'd spend our one year anniversary with Miranda," I said. I was almost yelling at him. Tears were streaming down my face.

"And I apologize for th-" he started. I didn't let him finish.

"YOU APOLOGIZED? You cheated on me with her. We are done. Now leave!" I screamed at him.

"But I-"

"Leave," I interrupted him again.

He just stood there.

"Guys!" I shouted. "HELP!"

Liam walked up to me with everyone else behind him.

"What's going on?" Niall asked.

"Let's go in the living room and I'll tell you the story," I said.

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