Unconditionally (Sequel to Styling My Life)

"Is this what you want?" I asked, my eyes started to get wet.
He looked at the floor. "I want what's best for both of us. This looks like the only answer right now."
I nodded. "Fine," And so I left.
I didn't know when I'd be back.


3. Part 1: Chapter 1: The Flight


Part 1:

Harry's POV

One year after the Prologue...


I watched nearby as Hallie engulfed her mother in yet another hug. "Just be careful, Mom," She was saying, muffled, as her head was buried into her mother's scarf.

"Oh, sweetie," Her mother responded softly. "You worry too much. Just remember to have fun." Then quieter, yet I could still hear, she said, "And don't lose that boy, he's something special."

I smiled to myself and watched Hallie's face reappear from her mother's scarf. Her face was bright red. "I won't. Love you." Hallie waved to her mother and turned to walk back towards me.

"Have fun!" Her mother called to us, as I grabbed Hallie's hand and we started walking toward the boarding station.

I looked at Hallie walking next to me. She wore a baggy violet sweater with a gray beanie and dark denim skinny jeans. She looked great. I couldn't help myself from staring at her bright blue eyes sparkling as she smiled at the people walking by us, most of them staring, some taking pictures. But she didn't mind. She just liked being around people and that was one of the reasons why I love her.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" She laughed, noticing I had been staring.

I thought for a moment. "That I can call this," I pointed to her, "mine."

She blushed and looked away. "Well, that's sweet."

We finally reached the flight attendant who was checking tickets. "Flight 7689 going to London. London flight!" She was calling to people walking by, hoping to draw in lost travelers. We handed her our tickets. "Mr. Styles and Mrs. Styles?" She asked looking us up and down.

I laughed. "No, Mr. Styles and Miss Thomas. We aren't married." Hallie turned a darker shade of red. "Yet," I whispered in her ear. Now she was more of a scarlet.

"Oh! My apologies!" The attendant said, looking down the list. "I had someone reserve the private section of the plane for a Mr. and Mrs. Styles. Maybe they misunderstood." She scribbled something on our tickets and then handed them back to us.

We began to board the plane when my curiosity got the better of me. Hallie went ahead, blindly trying to find the back of the plane where we were supposed to be seated. "Ma'am?" I asked the attendant, who was now checking an old woman's ticket. "Do you know the name of the person who called to place our reservations?"

She flipped through some pages on her clipboard. "Let me see..." Then she found it. "A Boobear Tomlinson?" Her face was questioning. "Goodness, they really can't copy anything right!" She muttered before turning back to the old woman.

"No, that's right." I laughed to myself before boarding the plane again.

"So, Louis?" Hallie smiled, sitting in the back compartment of the plane that Louis had reserved for us. She had her nose in a magazine. I saw One Direction's faces on the cover, mine in the center, and immediately felt self-conscious about what she was reading.

I nodded. "Yep." Then moving to stand behind her, I peered over her shoulder and began to read the magazine.

She pointed to what she was reading. Of course it was my interview. "A pet hamster named Hamster? How original!" She said sarcastically and then squeezed my arm. "Sit down, you're making me uncomfortable."

I sat down in the surprisingly comfy seat next to her. She laid her head on my shoulder and closed the magazine. I didn't try to hide the sigh of relief that escaped my lips as she tucked it back into her bag.

"Something in there you didn't want me to see?" She laughed and looked out the window at the ground slowly moving away from us.

"No--" I started to say before I was interrupted by the pilot coming over the PA.

"Hello, this is your pilot speaking. We have departed New York and are on our way to London. Attendants will be moving about the carriage, please feel free to ask them for assistance or anything that you may need. Thank you and enjoy your flight!" Then there was a click and his voice was gone.

"You were saying?" Hallie asked, directing the question to me, though her eyes never left the window.

"Nevermind," I said, maybe a little too quickly. But if she cared or realized, she didn't say anything, she just focused her gaze on the blue sky surrounding us and fiddled with her fingers on her lap. Deciding to change the subject further, I said, "I appreciate you waiting for me."

She shrugged. "You had to finish up the tour and I was helping Janie with physical therapy for her legs. It worked out for the better. Besides, Holmes Chapel didn't want to fully pay for my flight over and tuition until I moved." She pulled the apartment key out of her purse and moved it between her fingers.

"I would've arranged something," I offered. "I applied there too, until One Direction skyrocketed. I don't think they would've had a problem paying for my girlfriend to study there." I nudged her arm.

She smiled. "You would've done that?"

"Anything to have you closer to me," I planted a kiss on her lips. "And so you can go to college," I added.

She laughed and then waved the key to the flat in front of my face. "Have you seen it?"

I smirked. "Of course, I picked it out and decorated it. It's amazing."

She hit my arm. "Don't be a tease." She yawned and pulled one of my arms around her waist.

"I would've done that if you'd asked." I said, pulling her closer to me. Her head now laid on my chest.

"I shouldn't have to ask." Then her eyes started to flutter close.

I tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. Her eyes now were fully closed, but I knew she was still coherent.

"How long is the flight?" she mumbled.

I thought about this. Then I remembered all the hours with Louis and Zayn talking the whole flight and Niall flicking the back of my head while I was trying to sleep. Liam was the only one who hadn't really bothered me. My memory reminded me of how I had counted down the hours until we landed. "A little over seven hours," I said, now feeling relieved I was on this flight with Hallie.

She murmured something I couldn't make out, and then her breathing slowed. She had fallen asleep. Deciding it was time I did the same, I lowered my chair and rested my head on the headrest. It wasn't long before sleep took me too.




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