Unconditionally (Sequel to Styling My Life)

"Is this what you want?" I asked, my eyes started to get wet.
He looked at the floor. "I want what's best for both of us. This looks like the only answer right now."
I nodded. "Fine," And so I left.
I didn't know when I'd be back.


7. Chapter 5

"So this is Holmes Chapel?" Hallie dropped her suitcase on the floor.

I nodded. "Yeah. And this is your apartment." I pulled the key out from my pocket and handed it out to her.

She looked at me in disbelief. "You're kidding."

I shook my head and she looked around the room again. It was decent sized, consisting of two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living area, and a bathroom. Louis had helped me decorate, with a significant amount of help from Eleanor. In the living room there was a white couch, a red coffee table and a blue and white striped rug. A TV faced the couch. The living space flowed nicely into the kitchen was a pretty traditional design. A breakfast bar, an island, and her appliances. In her bedroom was were I had spent the most time and thought in design. A window that took up nearly the whole left wall of her room gave her a beautiful view of the countryside. The bed was king size and was made of mahogany. The best wood I could find.

Hallie snatched the keys from my hand. Then she tackled me in a hug, knocking us both to the floor. I chuckled and kissed her nose.

"What you say we break in the new house?" I wink. She shoves my shoulder, yet she still leads me into her new bedroom.


Hallie is in the shower, and I lay on her bed. I'd been staying with her ever since she moved in. Fans crowded the outside of the complex anyway, so even if I wanted to leave, it would be a challenge.

"Hal!" I called. "We're going to be late to dinner!"

Lou and El had set up this huge party at a fancy restaurant. It started at 7. I looked at the clock on the nightstand. 6:30. It was at least a 45 minute ride there. We were going to be late.

Hallie then burst into the room, wearing a lipstick red dress, that showed the perfect amount of leg. It was also quite skin tight. Her hair in curly ringlets that hung down around her face. She hopped around looking for her purse, while putting on her heels. Me, being already in my dress shirt and pants, reclined back on the bed, observing her struggle.

"Looking for this?" I smiled, holding her black clutch in my hand.

"Yes!" She exclaimed, reaching for it.

I pulled back just in time. "You aren't getting this until we are in the car, on our way." She frowned at me. "We're going to be late!" I stood and grabbed my car keys. "Let's go."

We had to sneak out the back door of the complex, as the fans had mobbed the front. They hadn't discovered the back exit yet.

We both hopped in the car and Hallie switched on the radio. Kiss You came on and she quickly switched it.

"Ew. One Direction." She made a disgusted face, but I saw her smile afterwords though, even though she hid her face behind her hand.

I smiled too. "How's the UK so far?" I asked, when we stopped at a stoplight. I checked the time, 6:45. "Green, green, green." I mumbled, tapping my fingers on the steering wheel. It was a nervous habit.

Hallie reached over and calmed my hands. "It's absolutely marvelous." She smiled encouragingly at me, almost like a silent apology for making us late.

When the light turned green, my foot slammed on the gas. I was suddenly very appreciative of two things, 1. There was no one on the roads, and 2. Even if I did get pulled over, I had some pull, I was Harry Styles, after all.

"Where is this restaurant?" Hallie asked, looking out the window. Her face was distorted in a form of confusion, yet she still looked stunning in her dress.

"It's a slight distance outside of Manchester. It'll be good for you to see a whole new side of England." I watched the suburbs breeze by my window.

There was a bit of silence before Hallie spoke again. "Why did you bring me here?" I was stunned for a moment at her question. "I mean, why did you buy me the apartment over here?" She rephrased after seeing my reaction.

"Because I wanted to be with you." I answered flatly.

"That's not what I meant." She frowned.

"What other answer is there?" We turned a corner, 7:00. I exhaled in annoyance.

"Were you afraid you'd feel left out? Lonely?" She pestered. "Were you afraid that you would find someone else and forget about me?"

"That last one sounded more of a fear you had." I stated. She looked out the window. "No, I did not fear being left out, Nellie is still in the US, so I supposed I could hang out with Niall if this whole arrangement didn't work out. But in my mind, that wasn't even an option. You were coming with me."

Hallie crossed her arms over her chest. "And if I said no?"

"Then I'd stay in the US with you. Long distance relationships almost never work out, and I wasn't about to take that chance."

"Be rational, Harry. You wouldn't leave 1D to go to the UK without you to stay with your girlfriend in the US. That wouldn't even begin to go over. Management would kill you before you could even take one step towards me, and one step further from One Direction."

I bit my lip. "I would've figured out something." I whispered.

Hallie sighed and propped her head up on her elbow which rested on the lip of the window. "Why can't men ever admit they were wrong?"

"But I wasn't wrong." I chuckled. "You're here."

She shook her head. "Nevermind." I heard a twinge of my accent in her voice, her American accent was slipping.

"Hal, you're starting to sound like me. Too much time together." I winked.

"Guess I'll just have leave." She shrugged sarcastically and I pushed her shoulder with my free arm.

I pulled into a parking lot and put the car in park. "Here." I stated, very matter-of-factually.

I got out of the car first, telling Hallie to wait. Once I reached the other side of the car, I opened the car door formally and helped her out.

"Such the gentleman." She said, now completely mimicking a British accent.

I cringed. "So wrong."

She nudged her shoulder into my arm and I took the opportunity to snake my fingers into hers.

"Cheeky." She smiled as we approached the entrance to the restaurant. "York Tavern." She raised her eyebrows.

"They sell food too!" I defended. "Remember, El and Lou did pick the place out." I reminded. Then I pulled open the door and we walked in. I adjusted to the dim lighting and found the reservations desk.

"Mr. and Mrs. Styles?" The woman replied when I stated my last name.

"Is this some cheesy excuse for a proposal?" She joked.

"God, no. It would be so much more pathetic if it was real." I teased back.

The woman directed us towards a table in the back, where Louis, Eleanor, Niall, Liam, Danielle, Zayn and Perrie sat. There was another girl in the corner of the booth, but she was looking down, and she wasn't familiar.

"He-ey!" Louis called when he saw us approaching. Eleanor quickly silenced him as the whole restaurant turned to look in our direction.

We slid into the bench next to Liam and Danielle. Liam messed with my tie and I shoved him off. "At least I dressed decently." I smiled at his plaid button up, one of Liam's signature looks.

Danielle gave him a look. "Told you!"

"It is classy." He messed with some of the buttons.

Danielle just shook her head. "Hal, can I talk with you?" She pointed to Hallie, who nodded and pushed me out of the booth so she and Dani could leave.

They walked over by the bathrooms, and I watched them as they talked. Danielle looked like she was shaking a little, and she clung to Hallie's forearms as she stood. Hallie kept nodding and brushing Dani's hair out of her face as it fell into her eyes.

"What do you think is the matter?" Liam asked, sliding closer to me.

I shook my head. "I don't know. They look a little shaken, yeah?"

Liam nodded. "She's been acting unusual."

I looked at him. "How?"

"She's quiet, and she hasn't gone to work in like a week, she's been sick." He frowned. "It's been just horrible. I think she's caught a stomach flu. Always throwing up, she's gotten really pale..." He trailed off.

We hushed as they started walking back towards us. "It'll be fine, Liam," I whispered. "She'll get better."

He nodded and moved his fork around in his salad.

"What was that all about?" I whispered to Hallie when she returned. She shook her head.

She leaned in to kiss me on the cheek, but whispered something in my ear. "I'll tell you later. When we're alone."

The rest of the night I honestly don't remember very well. Lou and El took us all to the bar part of the restaurant, and we all got pretty wasted, all except for Liam and Hallie of course. They sat in two bar stools at the far end of the counter, just talking.

I think I decided to leave when Niall started falling asleep on the counter. I hit his back. "C'mon Niall." I slurred. I grabbed his arm and dragged him over to where Hallie was sitting. "Let's go."

She took one look at Niall and sighed. "Okay. Bye Liam." She took Niall off of my shoulder and helped him to the car. I stumbled occasionally, so she held me up with her other arm. Hallie put Niall in the back seat and helped me into the passenger seat. She got into the driver's seat. Understandable.

I fell asleep on the car ride back to her apartment. I was so far gone, it all seems blurry, but I remember her guiding me back to the bedroom. She put me in my pajama pants, and slipped a t-shirt on my head and then laid me into bed. I don't recall what happened to Niall at that point, but I fell asleep again in an instant. The last thing I remember is Hallie curling her head onto my chest. Together we drifted off, and I couldn't imagine a better way to spend a night.

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