Unconditionally (Sequel to Styling My Life)

"Is this what you want?" I asked, my eyes started to get wet.
He looked at the floor. "I want what's best for both of us. This looks like the only answer right now."
I nodded. "Fine," And so I left.
I didn't know when I'd be back.


6. Chapter 4

I approached them slowly, cautiously. Gemma suddenly stopped talking. She turned towards me. God, it's like she had eyes in the back of her head. Her face became serious. "You were supposed to call Mum when you landed." She scolded. "She's been worried sick." Hallie crossed her arms over her chest and raised her eyebrows.


I pulled out my phone. Sure enough, there were three missed calls from my mom. I looked back up at my sister and my girlfriend, both standing before me, their stances almost identical. "This wasn't exactly the way I'd imagined you two meeting," I smiled, trying to ease the tension. "But, whatever works."


Gemma chuckled slightly, losing all of her previous anger in a moment. "She's cuter than you described, Harry. Nice job." She winked and I saw Hallie blush furiously behind Gemma.


I moved to stand behind Hallie and I wrapped my arms around her waist. "I did end up pretty well, didn't I?"


She turned her head and pressed her lips to mine. "I didn't do too bad either." I smiled against her lips.


Gemma awkwardly coughed, signaling to us she was still standing in our presence. We pulled away from each other. Slightly. I still kept a firm hold around Hallie's waist.


"Yes?" I teased, now speaking to Gemma. I kissed Hallie again. "Did you need something?"


She rolled her eyes. "Well, I'm gonna head home and tell Mum you've landed. Come straight to the house when you're done here. And, you can bring them too." She gestured over her shoulder to the boys, now attempting to dance for the fans, but embarrassing themselves miserably. Hallie covered her mouth in what I assumed was an attempt at hiding a laugh.


"Bye Gemma!" I called, realizing she had begun to walk away. Hallie waved too, but Gemma didn't turn back around. She was abnormally unhappy today. I reminded myself to confront her about it later.


Now, we were once again left to the disappointing task of finding my suitcase. Hallie's eyes trailed to the conveyor belt again. "Is that--" She started, but I cut her off.


"No," I said sadly. Hallie grabbed my hand and squeezed it slightly. I looked at the people. Parents with children, businessmen rushing to catch the next flight... the fans. Then I saw something moving within the crowds. It was quick, swift, brushing through the fans, and quiet. It was a man. He wore a navy blue blazer, with a red "H" embroidered into the breast pocket. He also donned tight skinny jeans and a pair of AllStar sneakers. I stiffened.

Hallie smiled. "That kinda looks like your tour outfit. You're style must be getting popular."


I turned to face her. "No, Hal. That is my outfit."


Her mouth widened in shock. "Then he has--"


"My suitcase!" I finished, drawing some attention from some nearby fans. I exhaled, realizing now that I had to push through them too. Then another thought struck me. My heart began beating out of my chest. If he had the suitcase, that means he has... No. I started to run. The man weaved through the people in the airport. He didn't even realize what he had in his grasp. And if he did... My situation had worsened. "Hey!" I called to him. He continued his strides. It wasn't my clothes that were the main priority now, it was the small package tucked into the front pocket of my suitcase, safe and secure, until now. I picked up my pace, sprinting now, until my hand clamped down on his broad shoulder. "I think you grabbed the wrong suitcase." I managed, breathing heavy.


Hallie was quickly next to me, airport security followed closely behind her. "There." She pointed to the man holding my suitcase, still tightly in my grip.


"Sir," The security guard asked me, looking down at the hold I had on the thief. I released reluctantly, and the guards escorted him away, assuring me my clothes would be returned as soon as possible. I nodded at their words, but I didn't really listen. They handed me my suitcase, and then were gone. As soon as I had the suitcase in my grip, I checked the front pocket. At first my hands felt nothing, and I panicked, but then my fingers felt the rough fabric of the pouch, then the box inside. I relaxed.


Hallie rested her head on my shoulder. "At least we found your suitcase."


I wrapped my arm around her waist and kissed the top of her head. "Yeah, we did."

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