Unconditionally (Sequel to Styling My Life)

"Is this what you want?" I asked, my eyes started to get wet.
He looked at the floor. "I want what's best for both of us. This looks like the only answer right now."
I nodded. "Fine," And so I left.
I didn't know when I'd be back.


5. Chapter 3

"Is that one yours?" Hallie asked, pointing to another moving suitcase.

I shook my head sadly. We had been waiting at the luggage retrieval station for nearly an hour. Partially because the fans hadn't left yet, they crowded the metal bars security had provided for us. Also because my suitcase hadn't shown up yet. Hallie had placed her two on the floor next to us, and leaned over the conveyor belt, trying to get a peek at the suitcase coming around the corner.

"How about this one!" She asked, trying to sound optimistic, pointing to another suitcase. There were flower stickers covering it and in big pink letters on the front it read, "DIRECTIONER."

I shot Hallie a look. "I'm not that conceited." I paused, "Or girly."

She shrugged. "You never know." Then she took her place again, and waited for the next suitcase.

I looked over to the fans, some crying, most screaming my name. I looked at all of their faces. They all looked the same. Sporting t-shirts, holding sharpies and waving their hands like crazy. My eyes skimmed, not noticing any funny posters this time, and was about to turn back to Hallie who was now sure this one was my suitcase, when I saw something that did indeed grab my attention.

In the corner, where the metal bars formed a corner, sat a small, about four or five year old girl. She stuck her hand in between the bars and was waving at me. She had a huge smile on her little face, and tugged on her mother's skirt. She pointed to me and jumped up and down.  I smiled and started to walk her way. Of course the fans near her went crazy, jumping up and down. Suddenly fear overcame me, because I watched one fan push the little toddler on the floor in order to get a better view. Then the little girl was nowhere to be seen. Fans on top of fans piled into the spot that had once occupied a little smiling face. I had reached the area now, and even though I had sharpies, t-shirts, and various other items thrown at me, I had only one mission.

"HARRY! OVER HERE!" One fan screamed, throwing herself at me.

I gently shrugged her off. "Everyone move." I said calmly. Screams erupted from the crowd. Harry Styles had just said something! I took another deep breath. "Everyone move now." I said with more force. The fans took a step away from the bar. "Where is the little girl?" I asked, and I watched as the girls exchanged confused glances. "The one you trampled." I clarified. They all blushed and backed away. There, in the middle of all the fans, the little girl stood, holding her sharpie and smiling like crazy. There wasn't a scratch on her. Her mother stood far behind, a worried look painted her face. "Someone tell this girl's mother that her daughter is okay." A girl ran off in the mother's direction. "Now, what is your name?"

The little girl smiled and looked up at me. "Julianne." She said, though it came out more like, "Ooeeann."

"Well, Julianne, I want to give you the super fan award, for surviving that stampede."

She giggled and handed me her sharpie. "Will you sign my t-shirt?" She asked sweetly. I obliged and took the sharpie from her little hand. Then I scooped her up over the metal gate, and placed her on the other side. I signed the back of her t-shirt and handed her back her marker. Then she hugged my leg tightly. "I love One Direction." She said.

I grabbed her hand. "You wanna help me with a song?" She nodded excitedly. A security guard handed me a megaphone. "Thanks," I said, and then regretted that the rest of the boys weren't here to help, or Niall to give the acoustic feel. I placed the mic to my mouth just as I was interrupted by a familiar voice.

"HARRY!" Louis called, a security guard trying to safely guide him to me, though Louis was running. The other boys trailed behind, waving to fans. "You were supposed to call us when you landed! You didn't, so we got worried and came here. What the hell, mate?" He hit my arm playfully.

"Oh, yeah. Whoops." I gestured to the little girl Louis was now making googly faces at. "This is Julianne, our new biggest fan."

Louis raised his eyebrows. "She isn't yours--"

I shook my head. "No, no. Just a little fan."

Then all the boys were with us. "Hey everybody! I guess we're gonna sing a song for you!" Liam announced, as they were given megaphones too.

"1, 2, 3, 4..." Niall counted us off.

"You're insecure, don't know what for..." Ah, an oldie, but a goodie. What Makes You Beautiful.

When we finished singing, I returned Julianne to her mother. Then I left the boys, now singing autographs, to find Hallie. But now Hallie wasn't alone, she was with a woman.


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