Just somebody that I used to know

Today was different I rushed home in hope to finnaly take away the pain.. Take away my life . I ran into someone and then instantly went to pick up my books and go home he then bent down and smiled at me and helped me pick my books up. He told me I was beautiful and should watch where I'm going. He knew I was sad and asked me what's was wrong I couldnt tell him and insead he asked me out for coffe the next day.. Little did he know he added another day to my liife.


23. "What's wrong Louis?"

I wake up slowly and see Louis asleep in the chair. He is so handsome, I quickly get it out f my mine because I loved Niall more.. Didn't I? I whispers Louis name and he immediately opens his eyes. "Oh my God, your alive" he said as a single tear fell down his cheek. I reached my hand over and wiped it off. I didn't know what I was doing till after I did it"Sorry Lou" "Its ok grace, you know I missed you, and I need to tell you something" you sat in silence for a moment until he said I'll tell you when i get back. You hear him in the hallway talking to Kelly and telling her to come down. Then he came back in his hand shaking. "what wrong Louis?" you say scared "Just nervous" "why are you nervous" you say as he walk closer. He walks over to you and says "I've always loved you Grace I told you I didn't 5 years ago because I thought I was to young, I was afraid to love you .But I always have" You sighed a little and didn't know what to say you loved Louis to but you also loved Niall, but he didn't love you anymore did he. Next thing you knew was you felt Louis lips touch yours you sat up ignoring the pain. Butterflies flew in your stomach and your tongues slipped into  each others mouths . You have never felt like this before..wait yes you have, once. The last time you kissed Louis five years ago. The kiss depend each of you gasping for air moaning for each others touch and then the rooms door opened and there Niall was staring  at you and Louis stick your tongues down each others throat. 
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