Just somebody that I used to know

Today was different I rushed home in hope to finnaly take away the pain.. Take away my life . I ran into someone and then instantly went to pick up my books and go home he then bent down and smiled at me and helped me pick my books up. He told me I was beautiful and should watch where I'm going. He knew I was sad and asked me what's was wrong I couldnt tell him and insead he asked me out for coffe the next day.. Little did he know he added another day to my liife.


29. Unbelieveable

 I see Louis stand up and say he Objectifies the wedding . I don't know why but My face has a look of terror on it Harry is next to me and grabs my hand. I start to cry as they Kiss and see Michael just as sad. I felt bad for him and for myself . I turn to Harry and bury my head in his Chest. Eleanor and Louis left together after that without speaking to anyone and everyone else had started to evacuate. I feel bad being comforted by Harry knowing Kelly is right there watching after what feels like ages I get off of him. My makeup had stained his suit "I'm sorry Harry" i say whispering afraid to talk "It's ok but I have to take Kelly home now ,Niall will take you back he is waiting out front." 
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