Just somebody that I used to know

Today was different I rushed home in hope to finnaly take away the pain.. Take away my life . I ran into someone and then instantly went to pick up my books and go home he then bent down and smiled at me and helped me pick my books up. He told me I was beautiful and should watch where I'm going. He knew I was sad and asked me what's was wrong I couldnt tell him and insead he asked me out for coffe the next day.. Little did he know he added another day to my liife.


4. So close in such little time

Today was the day Niall had to leave. I was so sad even though I have only known him for 5 days. He was coming over to say goodbye this morning. His flight leaved tonight but he needed to pack today since he spent the last few days out..with me of course. I heard a knock on the door and opened it with a smile on my face. As soon as I saw Niall I frowned I couldn't look at him withough the thought I would never see him again. " Hey Grace what's up" he said with a half smile. "Nothing much just waiting for you" I replied honestly no matter how weird it was. He looked down and said " how about we go to lunch one last time"? I heard my heart beam when he said it because he admitted it would be our last time. I smiled knowing he would be happier if I was and nodded in a yes motion with a smirk on my face the same way he did when I asked him if he was from one direction.He met my gaze and grabbed my hand leading me to his car. I loved when he held my hand. This was the second time he has done it. It's never been like boyfriend and girlfriend do it but more as a dragging. I didn't care because I just like his hand felt on mine .
We sat down at a table for two and it was a fairly fancy resturant. It had a dance floor, a bar, screen room , and a mini aquarium in it. We ate and had a wonderful conversation. When we were done we talked until 1 and he asked me to dance. We walked to a dance floor and a nice slow song came on. We dance close to eachother for a moment and then a girl screamed IT'S NIALL HORAN FROM ONE DIRECTION! I turned and saw him sprinting away in seconds he wave a small goodbye and grabbed his stuff. That was the end to my dream. And now I'm nothing just plain old Grace
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