Just somebody that I used to know

Today was different I rushed home in hope to finnaly take away the pain.. Take away my life . I ran into someone and then instantly went to pick up my books and go home he then bent down and smiled at me and helped me pick my books up. He told me I was beautiful and should watch where I'm going. He knew I was sad and asked me what's was wrong I couldnt tell him and insead he asked me out for coffe the next day.. Little did he know he added another day to my liife.


7. Plans ( NIALLS POV)

 It's been two weeks since I've seen Grace. We aren't a thing but I want us to be . That's not something I'm gonna ask on the phone though. I'm gonna ask the boys if it's ok to invite her down to stay a couple days with us and I will ask her . I smile at the thought. I've practiced multiple times with Kelly , Harry's girlfriend. She is the only girl close to the group other than Danielle but she has slipped away since Eleanor left. Kelly was a beautiful girl and Harry was a lucky man. Kelly had been the only girl able to catch Harry's attention and keep it fresh. They had been together for 4 moths same time Louis has been without Eleanor. I hope me and Grace have a relationship as good as theirs. I always felt weird asking Kelly to go out with me even though it was a practice  but..It wasn't the same because she wasn't Grace but she was a girl and she helped me to perfection. I was ready. I was ready to get the girl of my dreams, after I ask the  boys for permission to her staying here . 

I walked up to the boys at breakfast . They all looked  tired and only half aware of their surroundings... Perfect time to ask them. " Hey guys I was wondering if Grace could come visit awhile, maybey a week or two" I said and looked at Harry and Kelly. They were the only ones that knew I was going to ask her out. Harry immediately says yes and so does Zayn. Liam ask me why an I told him she was just all alone because her aunt went out on a business trip.. Which wasn't a complete lie it was true just not the reason I wanted her here. Louis eyes had worry in them and said.. " I don't think so I kinda just wanted us boys here for a while ad Kelly f course she is always welcome" he said as he looked in Kelly's direction. Louis had been acting weird. He didn't liked when I talked about Grace, I think he jut wanted me to be single so he wasn't lonely...management gave me the clear to get a girlfriend
So I didn't care what Louis said. "Well mate four beats one sorry" and I got up then walked away to Call Grace with the good news. 
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