Just somebody that I used to know

Today was different I rushed home in hope to finnaly take away the pain.. Take away my life . I ran into someone and then instantly went to pick up my books and go home he then bent down and smiled at me and helped me pick my books up. He told me I was beautiful and should watch where I'm going. He knew I was sad and asked me what's was wrong I couldnt tell him and insead he asked me out for coffe the next day.. Little did he know he added another day to my liife.


5. Goodbye ( NIALLS POV)

I dash down the street now about 60 girls chasing me. I cut a corner and run into a store and then the bathrooms. It was an alcohol store so none of those girls would come in here. I wait until the girls are gone. When I walk out its already 3:00 I feel so bad I just left Grace like that I was leaving in six hours and felt the need to talk to give her a real goodbye. I walked back to the resturant and she was not there so I guessed she called a taxi. I go in my car and drove to her house. As I walked up to her door I looked through the window and saw her crying . I would have ran in there and asked her what was wrong.. But I knew it was because I was leaving. Being the coward I am I turn around and walk back to the car. I know saying goodbye will just cause her more pain. But more importantly I couldn't say it. I couldn't tell her goodbye. It would break me. I told myself I would see Her again soon. But being the busy me I am I might not see her for 3 more years and when I come back it will be to late. She will be taken. I think about it I still had two months of vacation.. But I promised the boys I would come home specifically Louis. He told me we could get better together if leaving Grave hurt. I couldn't leave him hanging I knew Harry and he just doesn't get what it feels like to lose a girl that actually meant something important. As I park in my driveway I sit in the at for a minute before getting out and packing my stuff.. My stuff to leave, leave my mom, step father, brother, and Grace....
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