A Man of Mystery

Two friends Seamus and Toby are feeling and seeing strange things day and night ever since they shared the same nightmare and illness.They just rub it off until they saw a tall pale man.


1. A strange dream

Two friends were having a sleep over at one of there houses. Like any two reckless kids they went on the web searching for things to scare them and to maybe have a little competition over who is braver. They were having a great time until one of them decided to click a link to a web page that had a poem that will summon a demonic creature. They sang the poem to the tune that was requested from the site. As they sung they felt a chill run up their backs from their tailbone all the way to their skull. After the sung they felt tired almost if they were in some sort of trans.

As they slept they had a dream that their were in a forest in the dead of night and they were next to each other the two just looked at each other without saying a word and walked forward to an empty road. They walked down they road till they heard a static sound drumming in their ears. When they looked behind them they saw a tall pale man without a visible face or facial features. They peered into each other eyes they closed their eyes and woke up in a cold sweet.

The two stared at each other until Toby said "Seamus you have a bloody nose..." Seamus replied saying "you do too." they stared at each other for a while until Seamus asked Toby If he had a nightmare... Toby said "Yea about some creepy tall guy no face." In an instant Seamus shouted "Same dude holy poop it was on a quite street right and was I there". The two stared at each other, got up and ran to Toby's mother.

Toby yelled while coming down stairs "MOM MOM MOM". Toby's mother said "What honey". "Me and Seamus we had a nightmare about some weird dude and were scared". "It's okay honey you'll be fine".

The two friend headed upstairs try and find out what had happen to them what they had found shocked both of them... 

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