London exchange love

So basically the story is in the title but its about a girl named courtney who gets to go to england for school her senior year. Her friend tells her someone she knows that lives in london would like to meet her. She then meets 5 guys through her and 1 just might catch her eye. Read on to find out more(:


6. Movie Night

After me and Sam came back in, i decided to go over to their movie rack and pick out a movie. They had a lot of movies and i mean a lot, it ranged from comedies to romances, horror to action, name it, they had it. I chose the movie Taken because i love that movie and feel like you can never see it to many times.

Niall and Zayn were the first to notice me putting in the movie and asked which one it was. "Taken, you can never watch it to many times" i told them. "i know! it's such a good movie, you know taken 2 is coming out soon?" Zayn said. "yeahh i know! it comes out October 5th in America, but i don't know when it comes out here..." "October 5th? don't you mean 5th of October America?" i heard a husky voice say as he was coming in to see what was going on. "Well sorry Mr. Curly, I'm from America and that's how we say dates" i said sarcastically. "Well America, you're in England now and that's not how we say it over here, so if you're gonna stay over here you gotta learn how to talk right" he said teasingly. "that's true" Niall joined in. "i don't care, if y'all don't like it don't listen to me cause that's how i talk and there ain't nothing you can do it about" "woah whoa whoa! that's to much 'southern' talk for me to handle" Zayn said throwing his hands up. "yeah but its different from what we hear all the time so keep talking like that." Sam said trying to help me out. "Oh trust me wait till ya get me mad or catch me in a bad mood, its way worse than that, but thanks Sam at least you understand somewhat haha" "anytime". "What makes you mad?" Harry said jokingly. I just ignored his question but gave him the death stare.

All the previews were over so we all sat down. Harry sat by me on the smaller couch, Niall sat by Sam and Sam sat by Zayn on the bigger couch which meant Louis and Liam were stuck with the floor. Louis and Liam finally came in, but only because they were making food for all of us. I didn't know whether i should it or not, i was kind of scared to taste it even though it was simple food to be honest. They made popcorn, macaroni and cheese, popcorn, and peanut butter sandwiches. I had the popcorn taking the safe route.

During the movie i kept seeing Zayn and Niall look over at me and Harry and I knew why. I just ignored it and tried to watch the movie. My favorite part was coming up where they left the airport and went into their apartment and Louis and Liam kept creeping closer to the TV so we couldn't watch it. Sam said they always do this on interesting parts of the movies. So before i could miss all of it i got up and dragged them out of the way. "heyyy why'd you do that for?" they both said with smiles on their face trying to be serious. I just rolled my eyes and smiled at them and went back to my seat. I didn't miss all of that part so i was a happy camper.

The movie was coming to an end and me and Sam were the only ones left still awake, so we decided that we were gonna have some fun. We went into the kitchen and got all of their whipped cream, peanut butter, and flour and went back into the living room. Sam put the peanut butter on all of them while i put the flour and whipped cream on them afterwards. They woke up about 10 minutes after we were done and me and Sam looked at each other and ran before they knew what was going on. We hid in the bathroom and about 3 minutes later they were all banging on the door and one of them had a key to unlock it. While they were unlocking the door i told Sam to go out the window and i would follow. She made it out just in time but unfortuantely i didn't. When they came in the bathroom Harry was the only one focused on i thought. "You think this is funny America?" "Yeahh i do curly!" I shouted down the hall i was running. What i didn't know was that Zayn was around the corner waiting for me. He grabbed me by the waist and that's when Harry came up to me. "It's not funny anymore is it?" He said trying to hold back his smile to be serious. "Well... Just a little bit" i said showing how much with my fingers. "Ya know i was going to give you a chance to save yourself, but you ruined it. So you have two options Ms. America. We can either put all that on your face like you did us or... We can throw you in the lake. Your choice" he said smiling at me. "I don't want all that crap on my fa-" "lake it is" he said cutting me off. "Curly! I swear if you throw me in that damn lake its on!" I said trying to sound threatening. "I told you before, you dont know who you're messing with" he said. "Zayn you won't do this will you?" I said trying to put on a sad face. "Do you not see my face? We get payback around here courtney." Zayn said. As they got closer to the lake i was starting to believe they'd stick to their word. "You guys! Come on, I'm sorry! You just shouldn't have fell asleep when you have guests over. So technically yall put this on yourselves." I told them as they walked in the dock. "Saammm!! Help! I dont wanna get wet! Help me!" I heard Sam yell back "I'm sorry but i can't!". Really? Why cant you? I thought to myself. "I can't swim." I said trying to come up with any excuse. "Really? Is that why you were on your school swim team last year?" Harry said sarcastically. "... Okay just please. If i go in yall are coming in with me." "We'll see about that" Harry said as he started to throw me. I grabbed his hand and pulled him in with me. We both came to the surface and i saw Zayn laughing at Harry cause his plan backfired. "Told ya" i said with a smirk. "Oh that's fine. Just remember this isn't over till the fat lady sings. I just laughed at him and walked back to the house soaking wet.

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