London exchange love

So basically the story is in the title but its about a girl named courtney who gets to go to england for school her senior year. Her friend tells her someone she knows that lives in london would like to meet her. She then meets 5 guys through her and 1 just might catch her eye. Read on to find out more(:


4. Meeting Sam and Another Surprise

So it was saturday, and Sam was wanting to meet me. I've been texting maria since we talked on facebok and she said Sam would meet me at the London Eye. I haven't been to the London Eye yet so I was excited to go, but a little nervous cause i am deathly scared of heights.

I got to the London Eye and saw a girl that looked to be about 19 with brown wavy hair, high-waisted shorts and a white flowy top. Maria said she showed Sam a picture of me so she knew who to look for. A couple minutes after i saw that girl she noticed me and yelled "COURTNEY I'm so happy to finally meet you!" with a big smile. "SAM you to! maria's been telling me alot about you." "same here. she kept going on and on about how excited she was for us to meet each other, and how extremely nice you were" she said with a big smile still on her face. "awwh thanks. so.... London Eye? its not as scary as it looks right?" "no its not babe, its actually alot of fun! and while we're on there i wanna tell you something" she said trying to calm me down, which worked a little but once i got on that thing.... uh uh i was terrified, but i tried to hide which seemed to work pretty good considering she thought i was okay.

"so, i have a few friends who I've been to talking to you about..." she started off with. I didn't know whether or not that was a good thing. "yeahh..." i said nervously. "well they were saying how they wanted to properly welcome you to London by inviting you to their house tonight." she said. "uhmm yeah i guess that's fine. i mean I'm open to always meeting new people" i said with a smile but a little nervously. "yay! so do you wanna head to my place, to put some sweats on or anything?" she asked."uhh yeahh I don't wanna stay in this all night if were just going to a house. But one question, are they guys or girls?" i asked. "all guys" she said winking at me.

So we went to her apartment which was really nice! She let me borrow a pair of black loose sweatpants and a hoodie. She wore the same thing but different colors of course. I decided to touch up on my makeup and threw my hair up in a bun. And after that we were off.

She got us a taxi, to be honest that's the first time I've ever rode one because I don't live in the city back home in Kentucky. It was... interesting to say the least.

So when we got in the taxi, she asked me what I thought about Harry Styles. "Uhmm he's cute, seems to be funny, and obviously has game" i said laughing. "What about Niall?" she asked. "Well... I love his accent. period. he looks like he'd always keep you entertained when your with him" i said with a smile. "What about Zayn?" I'm beginning to think she likes One Direction a lot. "Zayn seems... to hisself alot, kinda like me i guess, he's cute and seems to have those moments of humor" "Louis?' "To save some breath you should have just asked what i thought about all of them, but he's cute, and he seems like the type of person to cheer you up when your feeling down" i said smiling again. "And lastly Liam?" "Liam.... well he's seems to be really responsible which is exactly what I'm not, but he's really cute to" i said jokingly. "What do YOU think of them?" i asked her. "Oh they already know what i think" giving me a wink. "wait... what are you saying?" i asked suspicously. "well.... just look out your window and tell me who's all standing out there" she said smiling at me. "SAM! why didn't you tell me?! were you recording my answers too?" "....They told me to! I told them I would tell them what you said but they didn't want that.., I'm sorry" she said guilty. "Ohmygosh, now I'm embarassed."

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