London exchange love

So basically the story is in the title but its about a girl named courtney who gets to go to england for school her senior year. Her friend tells her someone she knows that lives in london would like to meet her. She then meets 5 guys through her and 1 just might catch her eye. Read on to find out more(:


1. Going away party

(Last night in America before Courtney leaves for England)

Courtney's POV: Its kind of a bittersweet feeling i have going out there, i mean i love my friends and all i just don't want to see any of them cry not to mention my family. Just suck it up Courtney! You chose to go to England because you always thought 'how many people get to say they got to go to England their senior year'. Exactly, just go out there and not worry about it, you'll be back in 10 months. Okay I'm just gonna do it, i mean after all im not gonna be gone forever, so i went on outside. Every single one of my friends were out there! I was more excited to see my close friend drew there.It was so amazing to see how much they cared for me.

So it was time for cake. "The cake was all my idea, if you were wondering" drew said. "Oh really? So now since I'm leaving you decide to be nice to me? How thoughtful" i said joking. "Well i figured since i was a little more harsh than usual on your birthday ill be nice on your last night here" he said with a smirk. "Thanks. It means a lot" i said sarcastically. "Anytime" and with that my mom brought out the cake right in front of me. I figured since drew was a bit more harsh on my birthday and its my last night anyways, I'd have a little bit of fun. After i blew out the candles, drew asked me what i wished for. I said "Ohh nothing to big..." and soon as i got finished i stood up, pushed his face in the cake and ran. Now since i know its not safe to go back just yet, i might as well touch up on my makeup and take some pictures with my family in the house.

The family pictures were done and drew looked like he wasn't looking for me and since the cake is already eaten, I'll go back out and enjoy myself. The night was coming to an end, which made me a little upset along with some friends. My closest friends Krystal and Leah started to break down and seeing them cry immediately made me cry. I wanted to go to England, but it was so hard to say goodbye. I told all my friends to get Skype and with the ones who did have i gave them my name.

After saying goodbye to everyone, i saw Drew still hanging around. I went up to the bonfire where he was and asked him if hes okay. To my surprise he had a big handful of cake in his hand and smashed it all on my face! His explanation "I've told you once, i always get the last word (in this case action)". And with that he gave me a big hug and said goodbye.

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