London exchange love

So basically the story is in the title but its about a girl named courtney who gets to go to england for school her senior year. Her friend tells her someone she knows that lives in london would like to meet her. She then meets 5 guys through her and 1 just might catch her eye. Read on to find out more(:


2. England, here i come

I wake up to my alarm at 5:00am, to give myself enough time to go over everything making sure i didn't forget anything, get ready, say goodbye to my family and then head off.

As i was looking through my luggage i saw something i didn't remember packing. It was a poster of one direction my little niece wanted me to sign. Thinking of her and my nephew gave me something to smile about that morning. I didn't know whether to keep it or not so i kinda just stiffed it away, i mean what were the odds of meeting them anyway? So i grabbed the last minute things to put in my carry-on like my chargers, camera, iPod and phone and put all my luggage in my living room. Now that my luggage is good, its time to get ready.

I didn't know whether or not to dress comfy or nice so i put on a pair of sweats and packed a pair of jeans and a nice shirt for the plane to change in. I straightened my hair and decided to put on as little makeup as i could. Then went downstairs. After i did everything i had a few minutes to text some friends and tell them I'm leaving for the airport, I'm glad they came last night, ill miss them, and cant wait to see them when i get back. I didn't expect any messages back considering it was 7am during summer vacation so i just brushed it off. I got through security, gave my family one last hug, and boarded my plane. My flight was about 5-6 hours long. About 2 hours into my flight i got an oh so lovely text from drew. 'hope u enjoy ur flight, &hope there's no terrorists on it like there was 9/11...(;' 'i. Hate. You.' '(;' When it was about time to land you could hear the flight attendant say fasten your seat belts were about to land. I was finally at London.

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