London exchange love

So basically the story is in the title but its about a girl named courtney who gets to go to england for school her senior year. Her friend tells her someone she knows that lives in london would like to meet her. She then meets 5 guys through her and 1 just might catch her eye. Read on to find out more(:


7. Car ride home

When i got back in the house Sam gave me a towel. Harry soon came in after and went to get some dry clothes. Zayn came in still laughing and said "Harry's not as smart as he likes to think" and winked at me.I sat down by Sam and started talking about little things when Harry came in with a pair of swears and hoodie for me to change in. "you can change into this, but just bring it next time we hang out."

It was about time for me and Sam to leave so we got all our things together and headed towards the door. The boys started giving us hugs goodbye one by one, but when harry gave me a hug he said "so exactly how long are you staying here?" "About 10 or so months..." Answering him back. "Good cause i definitely want to get to know you more" he said smiling. "Oh is that so curly? Are you sure you'll be able to handle me?" "Is that a joke? Cause the question here is will YOU, America, be able to handle and all these curls?" He said winking. "I've grown up with all boys on my street and i have more guyfriends than girlfriends so that ain't no problem for me". "We'll see". And with that i said one last goodbye to the boys and left with Sam.

On our way home Sam decided to get some information...."well, what do you think? You like harry? You're not mad i didnt tell you are you? Can you see yourself liking him? Is he fun to be around? Tell me!!!" "Woahhhh! Ohkay hold on. I just met him soooo..... No I'm not. Maybe. Yes and so are the rest. Anymore questions?" I told her.

"Well it's not exactly a question from me, but i just got a text from harry saying: Sam! Ask her when she's free to hang out again, please?(: tell it'll just be me and her. Oh! and ask for her number XX". "Well, I'm busy this week with my family, but I can hang this weekend. And it's (A/N made up number) 1-555-893-4069." "Okay, you care if i have it to?" She asks. "Oh no! Its perfectly fine girl!" I tell her. "Well i was just making sure it was okay with you, and he said he's gonna text you in a little bit. Oooo girl he likes youuu hahaha" she says laughing. "Hahaha ohmygosh well I had a lot of fun and I'm so glad i got to meet you! Just text me whenever you wanna talk or anything" i tell her as i get out of the car. "Okay i sure will, and you to! You're so sweet, okay i will, and same goes for you" she says smiling and waving as i leave.

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