Tianne Lett is a 18 year old vampire. She acts as if she is normal but carries the dark secret with her. She dosent mind being what she is until she meets a boy named Denver. She starts to love him. She can't risk hurting him or telling him her secret.


2. Music

I stuck out my tonge at them and ran inside.

I jumped to the top of the staircase and ran to my large room. I somersaulted to my CD shelf and grabbed my favourite CD. It was a One Direction CD, but of course I didn't like them for looks or anything. I only liked their music.

I out the CD in my high tech player and listened as 'Rock Me' came on. I hummed to the song as I quickly scrawled down the answers to my homework. "Done." I declared 29 seconds later.

I shoved my stuff back into my binder and leaned back and enjoyed the music flowing through me. To me, music was different than any other thing. It was so strong, it was an emotion for me. 

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