Tianne Lett is a 18 year old vampire. She acts as if she is normal but carries the dark secret with her. She dosent mind being what she is until she meets a boy named Denver. She starts to love him. She can't risk hurting him or telling him her secret.


1. Hunting and School

I practically flew towards the trees as I smelled the deer. I jumped on it and twisted its neck. It went limp and I finished it up. I looked at my silver watch and darted up. I flashed to school and slowed to human pace.

I strolled into the school and tried not to pay attention to others thoughts. I walked to my seat in biology and sat. I tensed as I smelt an unfamiliar scent. I looked over and saw a boy with russet coloured hair sitting next to me. "I'm Denver. You?" He said and lifted his hand for me to shake. Ignored his hand, my body tempeture practically being below zero. "I'm Tianne." I said.

Class started and I clicked the slides in, and barely glanced at them before writing down the names. Denver reached for the microscope and I pulled my hand away. He brought it to his eye and wrote down the name. The teacher fianlly collected out sheets and I stood up.

I went to lunch after English and History. I sat at a table with my sister and brother. Elenta, my sister froze and dropped the apple she was faking eating. I looked where she was staring. I saw Denver walking straight towards our table. 'No where else to sit. I'll go sit with Tianne.' Was what he was thinking. He sat down next to me and waved. I smiled halfheartetly and turned away.

The bell rang out and I jumped up and dumped my tray in the garbage. I practically ran to my Math class and dived to my seat. I barely listened as the teacher droned on about MATH.

The bell rang and I ran out to meet Elenta and my brother, Callem. "Race you." I blurted and ran for home. The streets flew past me and I stopped perfectly in front of the door. I was the fastest and proud of it. Callem came ten seconds after me and Elenta two seconds after him.

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