mariah buckley sees life in her own imagination. in her school she is not popular and no boys take a shine to her. but what happens when a mystery new comer to the school is in love with her. but will mariah find out his deep dark secret or will it be too late.


8. What happened ?

School was over and it was now time to see Chloe. Chloe lived only 10 mins so it wouldn't take that long to walk to hers. As I started walking I was a little scared. Chloe never missed a day of school even if she was ill. And shouting and screaming that's not her. As i got to her street it was quietly. No loud kids live on this street. People call this street the love street because of so many couples who lived here. As I approached Chloe's house it was strange usually in the living room window the blinds were wide open but now they were shut close. I looked up to see Chloe's bedroom window. The blinds were open but the room was pitched black. I knocked on the door pretty hard so they could hear me as soon as I was about to knock again the door opened. Suddenly her mum opened the door when she recognise who I was sure smiled " Mariah come in " she said surprised. As I came in the house was all dark which was wired. " where's Chloe ?? " I asked happy. " she's in her room " she said not telling me why she was not in school. I walked upstairs and went to the room on the right. I have been here lots of times. I knocked on the door friendly " Chloe what's wrong you acted strange to Isabella " I said worried. Suddenly the door open and the room was pitch black. I was about to switch the light on " don't ! " she shouted I moved my hand away and stared at her. She was sitting on her bed staring into space. Her hair was messy she was wearing a light blue nightie." What's wrong why didn't you come to school " I asked her afraid to sit on her bed . " he said I couldn't " she said quietly. He ? Who's he ? " who said ? " I asked her " the monster " I froze a monster something's wrong. " Chloe ......I can help you" " no! You can't get out !! " she shouted suddenly she ran to me so quick she was next to me in a second. Suddenly she started pushing me. Wow! She was strong when she pushed me out the door she slammed it shut. " fine be like that ! " i shouted . I was angry how dare she ! But I was scared for who what is happening ??
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