mariah buckley sees life in her own imagination. in her school she is not popular and no boys take a shine to her. but what happens when a mystery new comer to the school is in love with her. but will mariah find out his deep dark secret or will it be too late.


9. the truth

i was scared of what i just witness. Chloe acted like a whole other person. im concerned that shes acting crazy and her mum does not care. i started getting ready for my date with Luke .one thing which was going to be good. i tried to forget Chloe as i started to walk to his house. i knocked on his door loudly so he could hear it. the strange thing was that all his window was blacked out. maybe his parents like it i thought. suddenly the door open slowly. "hi" he said smiling at my presence. "Hiya" i said knowing that i was blushing. trying to hide it."lets go" he said locking his door. "soo where are we going ? " i asked him as i followed him. " you'll see" he said grinning. " soo what you been up to " he asked. i am never open with a boy. but with him i feel like i can be myself. suddenly i started telling him everything. but by the look of it he was enjoying it till i changed the subject. " do you believe that a person can change over night " i asked curious. "i believe it depends on the person why?" first i thought what i was going to say. " well its just my friend Chloe  i said having a pause. " shes been acting wired, she wasn't in today and i went to her house before and it scared me " i said letting the memory creep up on me. " how?" he asked looking worried. " i went to her house before it was wired because there was no lights on and i went to talk to Chloe she was shouting go away! hes coming and she pushed me out not like her" i said getting stressed about. suddenly i felt his cold hands touch mine. a big smile went on my face. suddenly lukes smile went. " was she more stronger and faster" he asked " yeh why? " suddenly his grin came back " maybe shes just ill " he said changing the subject but i didn't want to argue. suddenly he looked surprise. " were here"

" wow" i said. it was a beautiful meadow i had never seen before. fresh red roses, bright brown oak trees,  and long green grass. " this is beautiful how did you know it was here " i said loving the view. " my dad used to take me here every summer " he said wondering to one of the huge oak tree. " used to " i asked him wanting to know more. " he died two years ago that's way i came here " suddenly i felt sorry " im sorry " he suddenly looked at me his blue sparkling eyes going bigger. " you mean that " he said surprise " of course i do" he suddenly smiling making his teeth sparkle. " so what about your family " he asked me. " my mum and dad work allot , my sister is always at my grandmas i am always alone. i said Truly. " your not now" he whispered as he went closer to my lips. suddenly he stopped flinching away. " whats wrong" i asked "no" he mumbled. i tried to get him to show me but he wouldn't  suddenly i pushed him making him face me. the horror. his eyes were no longer blue and sparkling. it was now bright red and big. his teeth was more white but he had two big fangs. i froze  suddenly all the pieces of the puzzle came together fangs, red eyes , cold skin, wired accent. hes a vampire.


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