mariah buckley sees life in her own imagination. in her school she is not popular and no boys take a shine to her. but what happens when a mystery new comer to the school is in love with her. but will mariah find out his deep dark secret or will it be too late.


11. the texts

" so do you sparkle?" i asked him as we started walking back. " seriously no i burn in the sun" i smiled by the sound of his calming voice. " then how come it was sunny and you were in school ?" i asked confused. " i have this heat ring which protects me from the sun" he said showing me his hand. suddenly i spotted a huge ring on his middle finger. is was a silver ring and a blue Crystal gem in the middle. "oh" i said staring at the rings beauty. " any more questions?" he asked my grinning. " can you like compel people" i asked worried if he ever did it to me. "yes and no i haven't done it to you....... yet" he said laughing. "can you read minds" i asked seriously. " nope i can just tell you were thinking that" he said. " there is another vampire in town" he snapped his smile dissapeared. i listened. " and hes not nice either hes older and  a lot stronger i saw him the other day his looks our age so don't be fooled " he said warning me. " how do i know if his a vampire or not?" i asked him more interested. " well you tell by his voice and his action if he walks quick like a snake." "oh ok" i said getting closer to our street. "you know you can change you mind. i looked shocked. " about what?" " about us" he whispered. "look i don't care if your a vampire or not i love you the way you are" i said kissing him on the lips. he paused outside his house " see you tomorrow " he said smiling. " bye" i said walking towards my house.  as i opened my door Lilly screamed " Mariah you home!" and hugged me tight. " yeah im home. " had a good day" mum shouted from the kitchen. "yeah" i shouted back. i want upstairs with Lilly and we had a gossip chat.i didn't tell her about Luke  he was my secret  it was 10.00 when i want to bed after watching NCIS. remained me never to watch it with mum. i put my nightie on and jumped into bed. suddenly my phone buzzed. i grabbed it to see who it was it said from : unknown number the text said. " best friend or boyfriend " that's wired. suddenly the text kept coming. its was 2:00 and about more than ten messages this person had sent i didn't know who it was. they had to know i was going out with Luke but know one knew. it could be Luke but he would never do that. suddenly the texts got scary.  " you are dead " , "you just let her slip" you just let her slip? what does that mean?. i thought about telling Luke tomorrow but i couldn't especially when this text came through. " tell your vampire about this and you wont see tomorrow ". feared had taken over me i was scared. and especially  that i have fallen in love with a vampire.


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