mariah buckley sees life in her own imagination. in her school she is not popular and no boys take a shine to her. but what happens when a mystery new comer to the school is in love with her. but will mariah find out his deep dark secret or will it be too late.


12. the telling

i have given up. given up on my own best friend. Isabella says its for the best. Chloe hasn't been in school or spoke to us. she says its best to let her go. i don't think so. when i got to the bus stop i saw Isabella sighing . that's not good. as i walked up to her she had a sad face on. " whats wrong? " i asked. tears filled her eyes. " h-he broke up with me " she said her voice cracking. Danny was her boyfriend. he had short brown hair , spikey , green deep eyes. he is one of the popular boys and nearly never dates. "why?" i asked as we stepped on the old rusty bus. " he cheated on me with this tall  blonde girl a year older " she said angrily and jealous. " hey ! you are more beautiful than a tall stuck up blonde girl who wears lots of make up" i told her. one tear dropped from her eye and made a stain on her cream top. " im not " she said looking at me. " look you have got beautiful long silky hair and big bright eyes if you was ugly then he wouldn't of asked you out" i said. suddenly the bus stopped and it was time for school. time went by and Isabella was falling apart. in every lesson she looked like she was going to cry and she hasn't been talking much. i tried so hard to make her laugh but no. at lunch we both sat outside in the sunshine. as we sat on the bench i saw him. Luke was with some football mates talking and laughing. i thought vampires were lonely. i looked at Isabella face. it looked depressed and sad. it hurt me to see her like this. i could tell her soul had been crushed and replaced by a sad lonely soul. suddenly i had a idea. i wonder if i told her about the success of my love life she might come back to her normal self. maybe i looked at Luke. smiling at one of his mates. "what if i told you i have a boyfriend" i said with a smile on my face. she shoot up. " yeh who is it ? " she said loudly. she had the biggest smile on her face. i looked at Luke  his smile had been replaced by a serious look on his face. " i-its Luke " i whispered my voice cracking. " wow im happy for you " she said. i smiled. After that it was like she was a whole other person. more happy and more smiling and jumping around. after school it was time to just chill and relax. especially when tomorrow is Friday  suddenly as i started walking home i felt my phone vibrate in my right pocket. " 1 message " it said i opened it. it was from the number what has been texting me nasty stuff. "meet me at the little kids park asap or you can say bye to mummy - daddy - sister- vampire boyfriend - Isabella and precious Chloe "

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