mariah buckley sees life in her own imagination. in her school she is not popular and no boys take a shine to her. but what happens when a mystery new comer to the school is in love with her. but will mariah find out his deep dark secret or will it be too late.


13. reveal

the text made my heart start thumping and loud breathing. i froze  what should i do? suddenly i knew straight away the right thing even though people will say its the wrong thing. i will go to the park and met this physcho and see what the hell he wants. i will do anything to save my family and friend. i will put them before me. people call me " selfless " or " stubborn " but i don't care. as i walked to the park i went passed my house. i zoomed straight passed it. i didn't wont to say bye. it would make me cry i was already hurting inside thinking what is going to happen to me. a tear dropped then my face as i got nearer to the park. what did he or she want ? and why ? it scared me knowing that whoever this was she knew i am going out with a vampire so he or she must be a vampire. suddenly it clicked to me. Luke had said there was a vampire in town. oh no . as i reached the park i saw no one there. but i will wait. as i opened the old crusty gate i entered the park. it used to be this beautiful colorful park. it used to be all ways pact and as a kid i always went there. now its just a place where the teens come to get drunk and high. i looked at how a mess it was. the swings were all rusty and snapped. the slide was all covered with slippery mud. i sat on the swing that wasn't snapped. i sat there wondering. what will it be like in the world without me in it. mum and dad would have probably just had my sister and it would be easier for my sister. Isabella would be on her own. the only reason were friends because one day i felt sorry for her alone and talked to her and we suddenly became friends. Chloe would be a popular girl. suddenly i paused my thoughts. suddenly the wind got more stronger and the sky went black and the fluffy clouds dissapeared. " soo you came " a mysterious voice said behind me. a turned around to see a tall man leaning against one of the swing pole. i stared at his messy short brown hair. his small but bold grey eyes which has a hint of red in it. i suddenly jumped up from the swing and stepped back a bit. fear took over me. i started breathing heavy. "w-what do you want with m-me" i said trying to calming myself. "hmm well its a long story which ill tell you later the main thing is i want to turn you into a vampire" he said with a massive smirk on his face. suddenly he was inches away from me. i was shocked. a vampire i don't want to be a vampire! it echoed through my mind. suddenly it hit me " in your text you said Chloe how do you know her" i said my voice weak. " i turned her into a vampire thank me later" he said quickly "a vampire " my throat went dry. " yeh she was quiet helpful telling me about you your secrets personal stuff" suddenly i stopped him " why do you want to turn me into a vampire " i shouted my voice getting stronger  " its personal " he said getting quiet. there was a silent paused. suddenly something clicked inside me. i suddenly started edging towards the way out the park. " oh where do you think your going" he said still smirking. suddenly he grabbed one of my wrist. his grip was so hard one of my bones clicked what made me shout out with pain. " you know you are so stubborn. normal people your aged would have sayed no and wouldn't come " he said smiling as he tightened his grip more making me scream. " now now i wouldn't scream oh everyone you have ever love will be a pile of ash  suddenly i shut up believing his words. " that's good love now don't say or do anything and ill take you to my place " he said giggling. he suddenly yanked my hair. i tried not to scream but the pain was too much. he guided me through the park until we stopped at the gate. all i could see was a dark figure in our way. 


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