mariah buckley sees life in her own imagination. in her school she is not popular and no boys take a shine to her. but what happens when a mystery new comer to the school is in love with her. but will mariah find out his deep dark secret or will it be too late.


10. i dont care

" yours a vampire" i said not lowering my voice. suddenly he looked at me strange. " are you scared of me" he said. his voice sounded different strong and brave. " no im not" i said looking at him. suddenly it happen so quickly. i found myself being lifted up by me feet but Luke was holding my neck making it hard to breath. "n-no" i said the pain crushing me suddenly he put me done and hugged me. even though he was a killer hes presences made me feel safe. " i love you" i whispered in his ear as he held me in his arms " i-i love you too" he whispered kissing my cheek softly. suddenly i strange noise came out of Luke like a growl. he let go of me. " go now!" he shouted knowing no one was here. " why?" i shouted watching as he tried to fight himself.  " go now if you don't want me to kill you and suck your blood!" he said getting snappy. " you wont kill me you love me" i said acting stubborn like i was. " your so stubborn but i cant fight it " he said losing his breath. " you can fight it just think about me all the nice things we did and are going to do" i said smiling. suddenly he stopped and looked at me his blue eyes and normal teeth. " you do know you're crazy" he said laughing" " what did i do" i asked laughing with him" " by falling on love with a vampire and letting one fall in love with you!.

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