mariah buckley sees life in her own imagination. in her school she is not popular and no boys take a shine to her. but what happens when a mystery new comer to the school is in love with her. but will mariah find out his deep dark secret or will it be too late.


7. 1 down 1 to go

At lunchtime I was all alone sitting outside in the sunshine. Suddenly I remembered I still don't know why Isabella isn't in. I grabbed my phone and Rang her number as I was about to hang up the call came through. " h-hello " Isabella whispered coughing and sounding like she was in pain " hi I'm guessing you're not in because your ill " I said laughing . " yep I got it from my baby brother " she said not happy . " do you know why Chloe's not in " I asked her she probably didn't know. " well I did call her earlier and she was not normal " she said stopping to blow her nose. " what do you mean not normal" I asked her worried. " we'll when I asked her why she's not in she started shouting down the phone like I'm not aloud to say or he's coming she started screaming so I hanged up the phone " I was shocked . Wow well get well soon and be in tomorrow I'm a loner" I said she started laughing but stopped and started coughing. " bye and don't worry I will be in tomorrow. I hung up the phone and throw my phone in my bag. Now I had to go and see Chloe.
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