Melissa never really fit in anywhere, the geeks and nerds didn't even like her. Everyday is a constant struggle for her, trying to get through the day wihtout doing something that will get her laughed at. But when is enough enough? Will she rise up, or will she try to hide in the shadows, and avoid the horrible popular girls.


1. Plain Jane

I never really fit in. I wasn't popular, I wasn't part of the chess club, math club, yearbook committee, nothing. I was just Melissa. I was kind of my own group, population: me. I didn't have any friends, but I was okay with that, this is school, not the place to meet and greet. I was only focused on my studies.

My parents were divorced and I was poor, half rich, so I was the subject of gossip. My hair, my clothes, my shoes, my school bag, just the way I talk. Living in New York City with a southern accent was torture. It had gotten better over the years, but it was still way noticeable.

I had mousy brown hair, thick purple glasses, and I wore nice clothes with not so nice clothes and I thought it looked fine, but apparently wearing designer jeans with a goodwill hoodie is not so fashionable, and I should really rethink my decisions. Or so I've been told, many times.

This morning was especially difficult. I was living with my mom, who was a famous author of a popular book, and could afford a beautiful on the Hudson River, top floor, but that still didn't make me fit in more.

"Melly! If you don't come down soon, you'll miss school!" My frantic mother yelled from downstairs.

How horrible, I thought sarcastically, but I said, "Oh, okay mom! I'll be down in a sec!"

I bolted down the stairs to the large kitchen that Sal was cleaning up, our manny.

"Hey Sal!" I cheerfully said to Sal, who else.

"Hey Melissa! Have a good day at school!" He was almost like a second father while he said this.

"I will!" I lied.

I grabbed an apple from the porcelain bowl in the middle of the kitchen table and scooted out towards inevitable humiliation. I walked out of the apartment building and to my new Audi R8, something that I thought would make me cool, but it ended up not. So I sighed and put the key in the ignition and put the car into drive, starting the car to the worst place imaginable: high school. The place of inevitable humiliation and apparently education

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