Seasons of the Year

This book is a description of all of the different seasons. Hope you like it!


1. Winter

The days are short and the air is cold, and you have to bundle up, or the freezing air will numb you from the outside, all the way to the inside. The trees are bare, and the animals are gone, as they hibernate, fearing the cold. Some leaves stay shriveled up on the ground, but are covered by tiny snoflakes, none being the same. The bright white snow falls gently pass the window, as you sip a piping hot cup of hot cocoa. You bundle up with a warm blanket and slippers up near the fireplace, as your grandfather tells you tales of back when he was a kid. Memories are made when Christmas arrives, when Santa comes down the dusty ol' chimney, and leaves you the presents that you were asking for. Laughter is spread and smiles form because this is when you spend the most time with your family.
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