Will you?

This is for the legacy competition. It has a deep message and a challenge I hope you will accept! Enjoy :-D PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK OUT ALL THE CHAPTERS! :)


3. Redeeming

And now you're trying to tell me that I'm cheerful and I'm kind that all those things you said to me, they were all lies. You're wishing I'd come back to you, just so you could spend some time with me, and apologise for the things you've done.

You're redeeming love is far too late, because I'm gone now, there is no use saying you're sorry when it's all said and done. Why couldn't you have said something sooner, while I still had some hope? Something positive, rather than negative, let's have a change from the old. 

I honestly don't understand it this obsession of the human race, to always give out criticism and never any hope.  All people like me are longing for is a chance to be accepted, to be loved and to be cherished. It doesn't mean you have to think we're perfect, it just means you're willing to help us change.

My question to you is this though, where can you make a change? Who are you always negative about? Sometimes it's in vain. You can change their attitude with simple words of affirmation. But my challenge to you is this: will you?

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