Will you?

This is for the legacy competition.
It has a deep message and a challenge I hope you will accept!
Enjoy :-D


2. No one

No one would suspect popular Emerald Taylor to be the type who cries herself to sleep, or hugs a stuffed animal close to her chest for comfort, or talks to herself in a way to help the lonliness. No one would suspect that she'd be unhappy in her life. No one would suspect. . .

So that's me Emerald Taylor on the outside a bright cheerful girl, who loved spending time with her friends. The problem is no one ever truly knew me on the inside. No one knew how I was feeling, or how other people made me feel. Being popular doesn't make you flawless, I know I make mistakes, but why do I have to be made to feel worthless for them. People tell me they're just jealous, that it's hard to understand but it is just how it is. They say don't listen to them, that they're liars, and they're just jealous of how amazing you are. You can smile and pretend it doesn't get to you, pretend you don't care what others think or say. For a while you can just get on with it pretend it doesn't matter, but inside your aching your heart is heavy and you're feeling cold. You begin tripping up and cracks on the surface begin to form. No one thinks to ask you if you're feeling alright, they just go on like it's normal to be unkind. It doesn't matter where you come from or how many friends you've got. It's not a contagious infection you can steer you self away from. It affects everyone because we all rely on human opinion, and so often the case is, "It was only a joke!" or "I was just teasing." well maybe it is to you! You can go have a good laugh about it later,while you words penetrate deep inside my heart, numbing who I am and how I see the world. 

Well the truth is I've had enough. I can't cope with this any more, my rhythm is changing and I'm not who I was any more. 

Your teasing laughter is carrying farther than you know. It's not just about you any longer, now you've got others involved.


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