Will you?

This is for the legacy competition.
It has a deep message and a challenge I hope you will accept!
Enjoy :-D


1. Do you ever wonder?

"She was a Beautiful friend a lovely sister and a delightful and charming daughter who will be greatly missed"

Do you ever wonder what people will say of you when you're gone? What will you have left behind which of your footprints will imprint themselves on the world we live in? We can make good choices or bad choices, we can leave a positive world or a negative world. We can leave the world having changed it for the better, or leave it having changed it for the worse. No matter what we do here, the legacy that is left behind will be formed by the opinions of those still left, that have lived among us and experienced our presence. 

Do you ever wonder why we only feel ready to tell others of their great characteristics when they are no longer there? Why is it that we feel enchanted into this false reality that praising someone will only end in tears. Instead we get caught up in criticism always highlighting the weak points, never the strong points. The whole world whisks on by believing itself to be ugly, stupid and worthless. We value other peoples opinion, we cannot simply trust our own, and believe that when we look in the mirror the face we see is beautiful, that they are cherished and loved by the world. 

We could spend our whole lives working to be perfect, changing who we are to become someone else. My question is while you are busy being someone else, who is busy being the amazing, beautiful and perfect person you were created to be? You were designed to be unique, to have that flare inside of you which makes you stand above the rest. Too often do we desire to be something we already are, and when we aren't doing this we are fantasising and becoming jealous of those around us, we want what they have and don't take any notice of what we already have.

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