The last Icyene

This is the diary about an Icyene captain by the name of Zelbex that survived the the fall of Hallowvale, In this story a description of the war was displayed, While the war went on , the captain was critically injured and knew that if he won't retreat, he would face oblivion. he hid in a tunnel underground and retreated from Moryrtania, abandoning her majesty Efaritay and his nation. When Zelbex entered the ruined city of Senntisten he faced a squad of Bandosians , mostly goblins, ogres and Fayrgs, and because he barely could stand up and had damaged armour and lost his weapon he surrendered to them, he was held in a bandosian prison camp in south eastern Misthalin. There he was left to rot, until the Big High war god himself wanted to see this captured Icyene and decided to use Zelbex as live bait to lure Zamorak's armies... . . Read the story to find out more!


1. The war

           When will this God War end?,.... I suffered so much from all of this, and all that suffering made me the Icyene I am today.

           I am Zelbex, a captain of Saradomin's Forces and a close friend of the great Commander Zilyana. And this is my Diary.

          It was not long after the foul Mahjarrat Zamorak achieved god hood that Saradomin sensed a great battle approaching, and sent me to my homeland to defend it, I asked Zilyana to come but she said that Saradomin wanted her to lead a different assault. I gathered my troops and where headed to the great city of Hallowvale, where we where welcomed by our beloved queen Efaritay and king Ascertes. And strangely enough I noticed that most Icyenes where gathered to the city and said that they where sent by Saradomin himself, these words struck fear in my heart as Saradomin might sensed a massacre approaching us.

        A few months later, a vampire lord from the Drakan family led a battalion of forces into the Hallowland. We fought for days with our full strength and skill, and even though we lost good soldiers and good blood, they where no match for us, but strangely enough the vampire didn't retreat back. Until one night I was patrolling the eastern wall and the few remaining squads that where conflicting a flock of gargoyles, when I saw a hooded figure entering a small tunnel with two vampire champions, I overestimated my stealth and followed them, where I found out that the Drakan lord was behind the hood, at that spot the vampire scum heard my footsteps and I was exposed. I knew I couldn't handle all three of them and as I tried to fly back to warn the city, the Drakan lord scratched my wings before I could even open them, as I fell into the ground where I was beaten critically by the three vampire lords and left me half dead. The vampires continued their business as I crawled outside the tunnel, but the morning rose and war was engaged once more, I knew that going back to the city was suicide so I decided to retreat the Hallowland, where I regretted my cowardly decision and moved away to the western side.

          I crossed the river of salve and fortunately for me, I was not detected by Zamorak's dogs. When I arrived to the ruined city of Senntisten I was ambushed by a small number of Bandosian followers, mostly goblins, ogres and Fayrgs. As I was in a bad state, I had no choice but to surrender.      

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