The last Icyene

This is the diary about an Icyene captain by the name of Zelbex that survived the the fall of Hallowvale, In this story a description of the war was displayed, While the war went on , the captain was critically injured and knew that if he won't retreat, he would face oblivion. he hid in a tunnel underground and retreated from Moryrtania, abandoning her majesty Efaritay and his nation. When Zelbex entered the ruined city of Senntisten he faced a squad of Bandosians , mostly goblins, ogres and Fayrgs, and because he barely could stand up and had damaged armour and lost his weapon he surrendered to them, he was held in a bandosian prison camp in south eastern Misthalin. There he was left to rot, until the Big High war god himself wanted to see this captured Icyene and decided to use Zelbex as live bait to lure Zamorak's armies... . . Read the story to find out more!


2. New Enemies

              The ogres chained my feet, wings and hands in a random kind of way, Until we walked south eastern Misthalin, where a Bandosian fortress lied. They locked me up in a small iron cell and took all my weapons and armour, then a few minutes later their chief came to speak to me, his size was quite terrifying but that's what you expect from an Ourg. He said that his name was chief Yarrghthor and said that I was going to be eaten in a special feast dedicated to the Big High war god tomorrow. I wanted to save myself and do something but what could a highly injured being do in a well secure bandosian fortress? ...I tried to think for a way to escape but the Bandosians grew more and more suspicious. I watched the stinky beings and noticed that the uglier they where, the worse they smelled. 


            The sun rised clearly the next morning and the Big High war god visited earlier, He was very proud of his warriors that captured an Icyene. He came up to me and told his warriors not to eat me, but to use me as live bait to lure the Zamorakians from the north and ambush them after I'm dead, he also told them that if they plan it right the Zamorakians would expect a Saradominist attack and would surprise his Zamorak's solders. At that point I expected Bandos to be way more stupid, but I realized that he keeps his followers small in mind, simply to prevent any rebellion, Zaros's fate was a clear example.


          Two days later I was tied up in the middle of a field, where I saw some Zamorakians spotting me, that moment I looked at the sun, and thought it will be my last sight of light. But the Zamorakians didn't confront me directly and before they got me, they assassinated the Bandosians that tried to ambush them. Somehow they knew what was going on, I was impressed on how they managed to find out, until the answer became clear. It seemed that their leader was Mahjarrat Tusinu, and I knew that things came for the worst. Tusinu was quite cheerful by capturing me, and said that he is willing to keep me hostage. The few days I spent in the Zamorakian prisons they tortured me and kept me away from food or water, they barely kept me alive and the more weakened I was, the more torture I will get.         

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