The last Icyene

This is the diary about an Icyene captain by the name of Zelbex that survived the the fall of Hallowvale, In this story a description of the war was displayed, While the war went on , the captain was critically injured and knew that if he won't retreat, he would face oblivion. he hid in a tunnel underground and retreated from Moryrtania, abandoning her majesty Efaritay and his nation. When Zelbex entered the ruined city of Senntisten he faced a squad of Bandosians , mostly goblins, ogres and Fayrgs, and because he barely could stand up and had damaged armour and lost his weapon he surrendered to them, he was held in a bandosian prison camp in south eastern Misthalin. There he was left to rot, until the Big High war god himself wanted to see this captured Icyene and decided to use Zelbex as live bait to lure Zamorak's armies... . . Read the story to find out more!


3. My Return

                 Strangely enough, they treated me worse than Bandos's followings, One night I managed to kill the cell guard by throwing a small iron splinter in his face, and as I reached the keys I locked myself out. I walked slowly out of the prison stealthily and flew away as fast as I could with an extremely painful effort, the rangers shot everything they had at me, I managed to escape with a handful of arrows and bolts in my wings. As I was tiered and collapsed on the ground, A small group worshiping a nature god calling themselves druids picked me up and healed me with various potions and medicines. 


                   For the first time in decades friendly intentions greeted me. And as I rested they thought me about this "Guthix" character, and for the first time I realized the importance of balance in this world, these druids offered more then knowledge, they offered truth! After a few days I was fully healed and re-crafted my armour and my weapons, I intended to meet my allies again but Mahjarrat Tusinu was searching for me. I knew that in order to escape I had to fight Tusinu, that's where I requested an alliance with the Guthixians to protect me.


                Fortunately they accepted, and I had to plan a way how to defeat Tusinu, with Zamorak's doings and Zilyana's history with Bilrach seemed that Mahjarrats are quite intimidating. When we created a plan we went to search for Mahjarrat Tusinu, when surprisingly we found them waiting for us! we brawled quite viciously while the Guthixians took care of the minions, I fought Tusinu. Tusinu was quite tricky to fight as his magic attacks impaled harder and harder through my armour and ripping my flesh with blood, Until I fell on the ground. He spoke to me and said to never underestimate Mahjarrat, at that moment I knew that he let his guard down by watching me collapsed on the ground, at that moment I quickly rose on my feet and stabbed him with my blade, finally perishing him from this plane.

              Instead of celebrating my victory I quickly helped my friends to finish this battle, when it was all over I said fair well to them and thanked them for their hospitality, they told me that Guthix will end the great war, which was a bit strange to me as I never saw this god active. After I left Zilyana welcomed me with open arms and the news spread of my greatest achievement, conquering a Mahjarrat!         

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