Aria is getting sick and tired of her creepy Foster-brother raping her and bashing her up and feeling her up so she runs away and ends up moving in with her favourite band and famous singers in the whole world.


2. Time To Wake up.

"Wake Up, Wake up, Are you okay love?" Said A sweet voice

Aria thaught the voice sounded familiar but she couldnt quite fit it with anyone she knew. 

"Wake Up" Said The voice again

Aria Opened her eyes and saw someone she never expected to be waking her up it was someone she has been in love with since 2010. It was Niall Horan, The Irish Boy From One Direction

"Ahh Your awake" said Niall

"w-where am i" Said Aria 

"At Our House Of Corse" Said Harry Styles

"W-wait am i really in One Direction's House" Said Aria

"Ahh So She Is A Fan" said Louis 

"A Fan, I am your Number 1 fan" Said Aria

"Oh well thats good" said Zayn jumping into the conversation

"H-how? How did i get here" Asked Aria

"Well This Morning At About 6 I was Out for my morning Jog and I Got To the Park just down the road and you were asleep on the slide, You had brusies and cuts all over you so i called the boys to come help me get you so they came down and we braught you back here" Said Niall 

"O-oh, right" said Aria

"I was just wondering are you okay" said Liam 

"Im Fine, Sore but fine" Said Aria

"You dont sound fun lovee" Said Niall

"Yeah you got that right" Said Aria

"so your not fine" said Louis pointing at the sky and pretending to fire a gun.

"No im not" said Aria

"Well, Care to tell us why not" said Zayn

"Long Story, Probably gonna take 5 hours to tell" Said Aria

"Get Some Rest Okay' said the boys leaving the room

"i-i will" said Aria 

"Do You Nee Somewhere to stay" Asked Niall

"Yeah but i would not wanna bother you boys" Said Aria 

"Not A bother its fine, Stay as long as you want" Said Niall



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