Aria is getting sick and tired of her creepy Foster-brother raping her and bashing her up and feeling her up so she runs away and ends up moving in with her favourite band and famous singers in the whole world.


1. Running Away.

"Aria Get Down Here" Screamed Aria's Foster-Mother. 

"Im Coming!" Screamed Aria

"Dont You Scream At Me" Scream Charlice (her foster mum)

"Sorry Mum" Said Aria Coming Into the room

"Oh do you want me to make you a seaweed mud wrap?" Asked Aria

"Yes,  Please" Said Charlice

"Here You Go" said Aria handing the seaweed mud mask to charlice

"Oh Thank You So Much Darling" Said Charlice.
Charlice was extremely nice to her just as her mother was when she was alive. Charlice was her mother. "Im gonna go study now is that okay?" Asked Aria

"yes dear its fine, You need to get your GPA up so you can get into Yale" Said Charlice

"Thanks Heaps" Said Aria walking back to her room

"Hey Aria" said Todd Her foster-brother grabbing onto her arse. 

"dont touch me todd, I will tell mum, im not kidding" said Aria 

"no you wont" said Todd pushing her on her bed and stripping her off.

"GET OFF ME" screamed Aria

"shut up" said todd

"NO" said Aria Kicking him as he fell to the floor she ran and got her bag filled with all her clothes and grabbed her phone and she ran as fast as she could

She ran untill she got to "South Street Park" she slept on the slide. 

All of a sudden someone was waking her up.


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