Aria is getting sick and tired of her creepy Foster-brother raping her and bashing her up and feeling her up so she runs away and ends up moving in with her favourite band and famous singers in the whole world.


3. He Likes You!




"Morning Love" said Niall

"Oh Morning Niall" Said Aria Sitting Up

"Come Out Here We Are Having Bacon & Eggs For Breakfast" Said Niall

"Yum" Said Aria Smiling

Niall Giggled

"Ahh look who is awake" Said Louis hugging Aria

"He Is A Bit Of A Hugger" Laughed Niall

"Yeah I Could Tell" Said Aria

At the moment Niall was Aria's favourite.

"Hey We are gonna go do some shopping, Lou could you stay here and look after Aria" said Niall


"So Louis, What do you wanna do" Said Aria

"You Can Call Me Lou You Know That Right?" Said Louis

"And you can call me Arieee" Said Aria

"so Arieee What Do You Think About Niall" said Louis nudgin Aria

"He is....Sweet, Nice,Funny And Cute but i bearly know him" Said Aria

"Well he likes you" Said Lou

"Yeah right" Said Aria looking down

"dont doubt it cutie, You know its true" Said Lou


"Hey Guys" Said Liam Walking in with 3 bags of shopping

Niall Had 5

Zayn Had 4 

And Harry Had 6

'Damn These Kids Must Like To eat, Mainly Niall Though' i thaught to myself

"Go for it" whispered Lou

"i dont even kno him" Said Aria

"You will if you ask him" Said Lou

"So Guys, We Were Planning On Having A Party For Perrie Tonight" Said Liam

"Seen As Though Its Her Birthday, Hey Aria Wanna come you have met her" Said Zayn

"Yeah Sure If Its Okay With Perrie" Said Aria

"cool" Said Zayn "I will text her" he walked off with his phone

"Start Getting to know him better at the party" said Lou

at the party

"Hey Aria" said Perrie running up to her hugging her

"Hey Perrie" Said Aria

"Call Me Pez, I only let my mates call me that" said Perrie

"Call Me Arieee" Said Aria

"Go" whispered Lou in Aria's Ear

"what was that about" said Perrie

"Long, Long Story" Said Aria

"He Told You About Nialler Didnt He, He is trying to get you guys together" Said Perrie

"Yeah How Did You Know" Said Aria

"Zayn Told Me" Said Perrie "Oh And I agree you should go for it" Perrie walked off and the boys followed except Niall he was eating as usual.

"Um, Aria.." Niall Started

"Yes" Said Aria

"I was wondering, Would you like to go out some time" Asked Niall

"Yeah Sure" Said Aria 

"cool" said Niall "Lets Go Out Side" He Grabbed her hand and they walked outside.


~This One Was Pretty Gay I kNow Sorry Guys!



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