Aria is getting sick and tired of her creepy Foster-brother raping her and bashing her up and feeling her up so she runs away and ends up moving in with her favourite band and famous singers in the whole world.


4. Hand In Hand At The Park

"MORNING!" Yelled Niall 

"Lets Go To The Park" Said Aria

"Yeah Lets Go" Said Niall

Niall Grabbed Aria's Hand and they were walking Hand In Hand untill A swarm of fans came they surrounded us, One of the girls said "Um Who are you" The Girl Had Blonde and Blue Dip Died Hair And Blue Eyes. "Oh im just friends with the boys" Said Aria "Oh Cool" Said The Girl, "Excuse Me Miss" Said A Young Girl she looked about 7 "Yes Sweetie" Said Aria Bending down "Could You Please Get Niall To Come Over Here" Said The Girl "aww sure sweetie whats your name" Said Aria "My Name Is Spencer" Said that girl "Well Spencer I Am Aria" they shook hands. "I'll get Niall For You Sweetie" Said Aria "Hey Niall Spencer Over Here Is Absolutly In Love With You And Would Like A Photo And Autograph" Said Aria "Aww Hey Spencer" Said Niall Spencer looked so excited
"Im Niall" Said Niall putting his hand out "Im Spencer" Niall Was With Spencer and all the other Fans Moved Off. "it was great to meet you spencer" Said Niall "It was Awesome To Meet You Niall" Said Spencer "Want A Hug Hun" Said Niall "YES!" Yelled Spencer Niall Bent Down And hugged her and then He turned his head and kissed her on the check she started freaking then she ran off and went up to what looked like either her mother or here sister "Aria I Know I Have Only Known You For A Few Days But, I Think I Love You" said Niall "I think i love you to" Said Aria then all of a sudden they were kissing. 

When they ended up back it was 8 pm and Aria went to bed she couldnt sleep and she saw Niall's light on so she knocked on the door and he got it and kissed her straight away. "Whats Wrong Why Arnt You Asleep" Said Niall Hugging Her. "Cant Sleep" Said Aria "Neither can i" said Niall

"Come In here and lay down with me" Said Niall they fell asleep. 

Aria Woke Up Next To Niall. She Smiled when he woke up she was still there he wanted to stay there all day, Then Harry Ran In "HEY NIALL- WOOHHH SORRY" .

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