Short stories

This would be a collection of random short stories of different genres.


1. The room part 1

I took his hand and traveled down into the basement of the new house. We stepped past a few dark and musty empty cellars, and lit the candles along our way. The rooms were guarded by heavy metal studded wooden door that were bolted tightly with a huge rusting lock. 

Except for one. 

We pushed past door. It squeaked at its joints and the smell of rotting flesh encased the both of us. 

"What's in this room?" Ken spoke right behind me. 

"I'm not sure. It's your house." I shrugged. Ken had moved into his family's ancient mansion not too long ago and he invited me over for housewarming. I seem indifferent towards the smell but truthfully, it set my mind uneasy. 

We took a look around the room, lighting the small stubby candles hanging off the side of the walls. We took awhile but we finally got them to light up.

The unsteady flames revealed a mass of words and symbols written in blood. It uncovered a whole array of metallic instruments, secured in their individual holders on the rough stone walls. A blank wooden table with leather restraints sat in the center of the room. 

I held his hand and we paced around the room, noticing the faint scratch marks at each corner of the room. Some were coherent and others were nothing but a bunch of scribbles. 

"This is... a torture chamber. Is it not?" Ken spoke to me, his hushed voice laced with fear and eyes filled with anticipation.

"This... most probably is." I confirmed his doubts. This room indeed looked like a torture chamber. With all those scalpel-like objects suspiciously placed in a neat arrangement, and those leather bounds on the table. The only thing it lack was a real skeleton, leaning against the wall to prove that it really is a torture chamber. 

We took off, refusing to spend another minute in this room. What was it exactly, that we were looking for, I am not sure. We merely wanted to make it out of this 'dungeon' -like basement and see sunlight on the other side of the mansion. We were pretty sure that this route led to somewhere. 

We started walking again. This time the ceiling leaked and there were lesser candles at every estimated intervals. The door evolved from having a small window on the very top with metal bars, small windows with a wooden cover. Those that were capable of sliding up and down. 

We moved stealthily, making sure that we let our illuminated lamp travel ahead of us the light the path. Every now and then the faint sound of squeaking of rats would make the both of us jump and our shadows would scare us. But could you blame us? It was pitch dark.

After a long walk of wall and prison cell, we finally approach a new string of rooms. This time, we were much deeper within the dungeon and it was getting harder to breathe. The smell of rotting flesh still remained in the stale air. 

Suddenly, something shoved me. 

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