Could it be you?

Hey im Kat i know i know unusual name, my real name is Katie but everyone just calls me Kat!! I am 17 years old and this is the story of how i got the best boyfriend ever and four new bestfriends!


2. picking up Kerstin.

Louis and i walked down the street we had coffee at starbucks then we went to go meet the boys but we decided to pick up Kerstin on the way there.

i call her "Hey K!"

"Hey girl! whats up?" she replies

"Not much...i was just wondering if we could pick you up in about 10 minutes?"

"yah sure...but..we?"

"yah me and........Louis!"

"OMG hes back!?' she practically blows out my eardrum as she screams into the phone

"yah he is!" i say back "see you in 10 sis" i say smiling

"ok ill be ready...see you then sis.." she says back. I hang up as we drive by my house so i can change really quick and i throw on a pair of black skinny jeans and a white shirt that says 'im sexy and i know it' in back writing and my red converse and then i hop back in the car and we go pick up Kerstin. Kerstin comes out wearing short jean shorts and a gray off the shoulder tshirt with a winky face on it and fringe on the bottom and black high tops.

"Hey Katie, Hey Lou.." she says hoping in the back. And we drive off to go see the boya


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