Could it be you?

Hey im Kat i know i know unusual name, my real name is Katie but everyone just calls me Kat!! I am 17 years old and this is the story of how i got the best boyfriend ever and four new bestfriends!


3. meeting them...

Kerstin and i were like freaking out in the car as i told her all about going on tour with them as Louis drove toward the One Direction House that they all shared.

"Oh my god Katie!! I cant wait to meet them!!!" Kerstin says with a huge smile on her face

"I know!!" i say with a huge grin as we pull into the driveway of a large mansion with three stories and beautiful glass walls on the side and the back. "wow..." i say as i see the house

"ohmygod...." Is all Kerstin can say as we look upon the house. 

"well dont just stand there come inside!" Louis says smiling at us as we get out of the car an walk slowly up to the glass double french doors. "Would you like to open it Kerstin?" he asks

"Yes..." she says slowly walking up an placing her hand on the door and slowly pulling the door open and we all walk inside.

"LOUBEAR IS THAT YYOOUUUUUUUU???" i hear a voice ring from the top of the stairs.

"Yah HAZZ ITS ME!! and two guests!!" He yells "so make sure your wearing Clothes Hazz..." he says as he pulls us into the huge living room furnished with a large flat screen tv a corner couch an a love seat and a baby grand piano in the corner and a nice shag rug on the floor.

"ok im decent i swe-" he says as he suddenly cuts off as he looks at me and smiles and i look down and blush "Louis...who is this?" he asks with a grin

"Ohhhh this is my bestfriend Katie but everyone calls her Kat" Louis says winking at me

"Hey there..." he says softly as he comes in for a hug an i hug him back lightly as i look up at him then all of a sudden we hear-

"IM A BRADFORD BAD BOY YAH!!!!" oohhh thats Zayn i say as i giggle at his silly song as i realize Harry's arm is still around my waist.

"ZAAAYYYYNNNIIIEEE!!!!!" Lou yells up the stairs "We have guests!!!!"

"OH SHIT LOU!!! why didn you say that before i made my self sound like and idiot...." Zayn says a little steamed as he walks into the room. "And pretty guests at that Lou..." he says making eye contact with Kerstin an smiling "im Zayn..." he says going for a hug and i can tell Kerstin can barely breathe.

"im Kerstin..." she says smiling trying not to faint just like i am right now, As Zayn's hand lingers on her shoulder.

Liam and Niall come downnstairs and Kerstin and i meet them smiling as we look at Lou, "hey you guys want  to go get some food?" Lou asks looking directly at Niall.

"FOOD!!! I SAY NANDOS!!!!!" He says starting to run around in circles laughing and singing about Nandos.

And so we were off.

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