Could it be you?

Hey im Kat i know i know unusual name, my real name is Katie but everyone just calls me Kat!! I am 17 years old and this is the story of how i got the best boyfriend ever and four new bestfriends!


12. Leaving the House


This morning is the morning we get on the boat. 'Yay!' i think in my head i get to go on a 1 month cruise with my bestfriend, my boyfriend and his 4 bestfriends. I wake up and put on my really short dark wash jean shorts and a purple top with a skull in the corner that hangs off one shoulder, and purple flip flops. I grab my bag and walk down the stairs only to run into Zayn.

"morning babe." he says his sexy morning voice as he pecks my cheek smiling up at me. He looks great as always wearing black shorts and a white v-neck and a tan fedora hung loosely on his head."let me take that from you." he grabs my bag and walking it out to his land rover. After he grabs my hand and we walk back inside to get some break fast. Katie is already down there sitting at the bar wearing her short light was jean shorts almost just like mine and a dark blue tank top that has white wash at the bottom and dark blue vans.

"Morning Ker." Katie says smiling at me and i can see her and harry holding hands under the counter.

"Morning K." I say smiling back at her as i look over harry. Hes wearing a black tshirt and white board shorts.
"hey Zayn we are only waiting on Lou and Niall now." Harry states as Liam walks out of the kitchen with a plate of bacon and eggs for me as i sit next to Katie and start to eat.

"sounds good." Just as the words leave Zayn's mouth Louis and Niall walk down the stairs put their stuff in the Rover. I finish eating and everyone is looking at each other.

"Are we ready?" I ask

"Oh We are beyonddddd ready..." Harry says standing up and grabbing Katie's hand as we all head out to the Rover.

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