Could it be you?

Hey im Kat i know i know unusual name, my real name is Katie but everyone just calls me Kat!! I am 17 years old and this is the story of how i got the best boyfriend ever and four new bestfriends!


4. Dinner...and more...

So we went to Nandos, we all piled into Louis Land Rover. It was Louis and Niall in the front seat, Liam, Zayn and Kerstin in the middle row and me and Harry in the back seat. When we got in Harry sat down right next to me and like really close and spread out to where his arms we across the back of the seat but on of them was lightly resting on my shoulder, and i dont care it feels kind of good. I smile at him as Louis starts the car and we are on our way an i look up to see Zayn and Kerstin in a deep conversation and Liam and Niall having a interesting conversation about school.

"So did you meet Louis?" Harry asked looking like he generally wanted to know.

"We went to grade school together, we have been bestfriends since we were like 5..." i say with a giggle remembering all the old times.

"Thats awesome i love LouBear hes so sweet and funny...." harry says laughing then we got into a deeper conversation about relationships and ex's to where we found out that we were both single. Then we got to Nandos and we all jumped out of the car. We all walked into a completely empty restaurant.

"How is this place empty?" Kerstin asked a little confused about this.

"Liam called and booked the restaurant so we wouldnt have to deal with the fans." says Niall with a smile

"oohhh i get it!" Kerstin says with the light going on in her head which makes Zayn chuckle. He totally likes her, i can soo tell.

"Hey Zayn come here for a second.." i say stepping back from the group as Zayn walks toward me. "So dont even try to deny it i can see you like Kerstin..." i say looking at him with my fake bad-cop face on as i try to hold in my laugh.

He glances down at the ground and i can feel a blush creeping up his face "i...umm....yah i do...." he answers slowly still looking at the ground.

"Well... i say go for it, just remember i am her bestfriend so if you break her heart i will...Crush you i swear to god!" i say with a little giggle escaping.

"Yes Ma'am," he says laughing as we walk back to the table and he takes his seat next to Kerstin and i take mine in between Louis and Harry. We all start ordering and Niall eats enough for a whole football team! Then its time to go home and the boys invite us to live with them before we all leave on tour and we accept we go by our houses to get clothes and other necessary things then we drive back to their house.

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