Could it be you?

Hey im Kat i know i know unusual name, my real name is Katie but everyone just calls me Kat!! I am 17 years old and this is the story of how i got the best boyfriend ever and four new bestfriends!


6. Amazayn

Kerstin walks back over hand in hand with Zayn and im so happy for her. She breaks away from him for a second grabs my hand and yank me into the other room.

"OHMYGOD!! Katie he kissed me!" she says excitedly

"OMG NO WAY!!!!" i scream back excited for her, we are both like freaking out when we realize the guys are probably looking for us. But she grabs my arm on the way out.

"Hey katie, dont worry Hazz will make his move..." she says with a grin.

"i hope so..." i say with  smile as we walk out.


We are sitting in the room Zayn and Kerstin are cuddling on the couch in the corner and we are all sitting there not knowing what to do.

"I HAVE AN IDEA!!!" Louis screams

"WHAT!?!?!" We all yell back 

"TRUTH OR DARE!!" Louis yells again

"Ok!!" we all agree as Louis looks around for his first target "hmmmm..Hazz truth or dare...?" Louis asks playfully

"hmm Dare BooBear..." Harry says with a smirk

"I dare kiss Katie...and none of this pecking junk...." Louis says with giggle

"Ok..." Harry says with a laugh as he leans in and kisses me. I kiss him back with my arms on neck and then we break apart and look back at the group."There Happy BooBear?" Harry asks

"Yah!!! YAY!!!" Louis screams

"ok Zayn...truth or dare?" Harry asks

"hmmm Dare...."Zayn ansers

"hmm i dare do something you have wanted to do all day..." Harry says grinning knowing something Kerstin and i dont.

"ok...." He turns and faces Kerstin. "Kerstin....will you go out to dinner with me tomorrow?" He asks as a blush creeps onto his face.

"Yes!" Kerstin says grinning and kissing his cheek.

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